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Me and my co-worker were both contemplating a possible basis of the next expansion that I think might be a cool idea. As far as story goes, I think it could be centered around destroying the black soulstone before Imperius uses it for his own purposes. He sends out his army of angels to delay you in order for him to succeed in his plan. He succeeds and ends up absorbing it, causing him to become fully corrupted... thus transforming the Archangel of Valor into the Lord of Corruption. Imperius as the final ACT V boss would be a nice change of pace from demon to angel. He is more than a perfect candidate for a villain, too. He hates humanity, favored the destruction of Sanctuary, and he never did see eye to eye with Tyrael. I think it might be a cool idea for a plot for an expansion.
As far as gameplay goes, they do need to make some changes, that of which I will not discuss here, except maybe bring back weapon switching.
What do my fellow Diablo players think? Do you have any ideas, improvements to my idea, or gripes? I'd love a discussion.
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I had a very similar idea to this, most likely because Imperius becoming the villain is the most logical step following the ending of Act 4.

-Diablo as the Prime Evil wounded Imperius (and planted the seed of corruption)

-Imperius believes now, more than ever, that humanity must be eradicated despite the council's admonitions to the contrary

-Imperius hunts for the black soul stone (since it was most likely not destroyed as soulstones can only be destroyed at the hellforge) to unleash it on humanity.

-You must find the black soulstone before Imperius.

-Tyreal tells you that Leah is the only being who knows where the stone is, but she is in the abyss.

-You travel to the abyss (somehow) to rescue her soul like in Greek Mythology

-Malthael, being also angel of death tries to stop you. When you defeat him he is reborn from the crystal arches and he rejoins the Angiris council as the new aspect of life and death, his sanity returned to him.

-You rescue Leah who tells you where the stone is

- as you get nearer to the soulstone you begin to find that the seven demonic powers in the stone have begun to "leak" from the stone, as it was damaged when Diablo was killed.

- You fight aspects of each of the two remaining prime evils (Baal and Mephisto) as you hunt for the stone

-You find the stone just as Imperius does, he is almost completely corrupted by this time

-Final Boss is Imperius

-You defeat him and his soul is trapped in the black soulstone

-You become the aspect of Valor, Leah becomes Wisdom, Tyrael reclaims Justice

Next Expansion (since there will most likely be multiple): Travel to Hell to destroy the Blacksoul stone
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Both of these ideas are great. Really hope blizzard does something like this.
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Both very good reads. There will definately be an expansion for D3. It follows the formula Blizzard has been using since SC1, and the mindset of Kotick to rake in more money.

One thing I am sure about is that we will see Cain return.

And maybe some fan modding community releases Kotick, The Lord of Greed and gets sued into oblivion
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waw.. awesome.. i realy like that idea
what about Adria? i think we should defeat her..
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I have an idea for the expansion, but it is nothing like OP's idea. I'm not sure what the plot justification will be, but I envision no less than 8 boss fights: you fight all 4 Lesser Evils, all 3 greater evils (though if I had my way, the second Diablo you fight looks much more like his beefy old self) and finally you fight Tathamet reborn. Perhaps we can combine this idea with OP's by having Imperius implant the black soulstone within himself and Tathamet being reborn through him.
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If the expansion is free, I don't mind.
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I was actually thinking that the expansion revolve more around Leah.

So just to lay down some foundation, Adria is actually a fallen angel like Tyreal (in Act 2 in d3 there's comments how she has never aged) and so Leah is actually a pure blooded nephalem (being the daughter of Diablo and Adria) while you; the hero, are the best the world can provide.

So I was thinking the black soul stone would be dropped in Travincal or in that marsh land, so we can get some nostalgia from d2 (but that's a minor detail). Kind of how the hero in d3 was attracted to the falling star they should also be attracted to rumors of the black soul stone, "Heard a great evil was awoken" or "Was awoken to the screams of the dead filling the night air with horror."

Anyways Adria beats you to goal line and snags the soul stone and disappears leaving behind one of her "master's" minions, as a typical mini boss. You run after her either following her through some portal by some word of mouth stranger telling you some chick ran off (leaving it simple there so others can use their imagination). That's when Tyreal communicates to you about saving Leah's soul and why it's important. Telling you Adria is actually a fallen angel (only learning this after becoming the ruler; "wisdom," of high heaven) and that Leah is actually a pure blooded nephalem and that carries the potential for great chaos in Sanctuary. This where my lore of the world sucks and someone may have to pick up my slack. Anyways someone (angel or horadric text) explains the soul stone more in-depth and how Leah's soul is trapped inside with the prime evils.

Eventually you try to disrupt Adria's scheme only to find out she's created another world stone (since she some how learned how to tie the prime evils to the black soul stone) with the use of the black soul stone. It's there you kill Adria learning that she got all the secrets of the soul stones and world stone from Lilith who is still trapped in the void. Adria dies and Tyreal tells you how to save Leah.

You enter the black soul stone, fighting each of the prime evils while learning a lot more about Leah's past and how since Diablo took control she's been tortured for amusement from the prime evils. You release Leah from her prison inside the black soul stone. Come out and since Leah is a pure blooded nephalem she is able to retain her form for awhile enough to undo Adria's scheme (since it takes Tyreal 20 years to recombine himself into his form she can do it instantly or at least this one time, she did learn quick from Adria do other stuff like break walls). Anyways when she comes out about to change or destroy the world stone Imperius stops her and steals the world stone and thus reigniting the eternal conflict, and thus we have either d4 (can be mmo) or d3 expansion 2.

Likes or dislikes, or places you want to expand your imagination or parts you think should be cut down go ahead, but I agree with the OP that Imperius can be the real bad guy in Act 5.
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Boss has gotta be Imperius. I'm almost sure of that.

The whole game I thought he was going to be the boss of ACT IV. Blizzard loves their villain/hero switcheroos and an overzealous, somewhat tyrannical Angel seems like a perfect villain. I was sure that we were going to defeat the evils by the end of act III and then battle angels in act IV because it seemed so clear that Imperius was being set up as a villain.

So now that they delayed that happening, I'd be shocked if that's not what happens in the expansion.

I'm hoping we get to see some Kurast in the expansion...And also I'd love for them to oh...visit a NEW location in sanctuary? Maybe Xiansai would be cool to see? Or something we haven't even heard of yet...
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A lot of awesome ideas here everyone! I would love to see both Imperius and Adria as future bosses :)
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There's also Adria.. Just saying.
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I honestly think Imperious would work as a great villain, because of his impetuous personality. And the fact that the characters was about to fight him before Diablo's intervantion. And furthering the whole experience to fighting angels as well as demons, it may have a down side, but still the experience would be worth the try.

I honestly agree on furthering Leah's story line. I do believe she's the one who suffered the most and that her soul must be at least given justice. Just because she is half a demon that means the poor thing must die... SHE IS (WAS) A GOOD FRIEND. (Sorry, the story got to me. :( )

And there is Adria, I honestly think it would be an awesome Idea that she'd be a boss too :).

I do suggest character additions for its awesome to experience more heroes :)

Suggestions: (Heroes)
1.) A Druid like character who focuses a lot on Nature Base Spells. (Specifically Vegetation spells) :) (PLEASE!)
2.) A Spell Caster that gives focus on Healing and Light Spells :) Much like a Paladin only Magic Base.

Suggestions: (Items)
Please add armors that has WINGS PLEASE! :)
And Dyes that Glow :) or emit Shadows :) (ALL THE COLORS PLEASE! :D)

This maybe very odd but I do suggest the FF for another Collectors Edition:
Since there is already the Angel Wings.
Why not add two more Wings?

1) Demon Wings
2) Mahgda Wings/ Fairy Wings/ Insect Wings (Either way I prefer Butterfly Wings) :)

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I think the expansion will either be

1) something with the super powerful gem Shen is constantly talking about
2) Finding and destroying Adria
3)finding leah

or some combination of the three
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I like the idea of an expansion, and was excited to read that it is going to be based around Leah and Imperious. I highly recommend that storyline and also recommend to including some new characters, like the Druid, Necromancer, Paladin, or perhaps something new!
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Ditto on the Druid. Could be a magical melee character. I'd like to see the amazon return as a follower, someone you can equip either melee or ranged weapons depending on choice.

It'd be cool if they could swing Kingsport somehow, Lyndon was hyping it up to no end...

Sidequest with Shen would be cool. reward might be to do all your gems at half requirements or something.

Cain is the ideal candidate for Wisdom instead of Tyrael. Stay awhile and listen indeed.

Ditto on Adria/Imperius combo for bosses. They have it coming...

Just some stream of consciousness for what its worth...
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good idea !!!
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Who knows what blizzard will do with it...

All I want is to find Cains soul and make him the new wisdom angel... He's perfect for it.
and Leah can/cant come back, dont care about her. i dont think she will... she was diablo, and diablo is dead.

I wanna fight the 5 remaining sin lords, mephesto, baal, duriel, adria, imperious.

which is ten bosses. maybe andariel can be in there as a mini boss. 2 expansions i think.
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First off, Jim... Imperius wasn't a Lord of Sin, he was the Archangel of Valor. Anyways, I've been reading everyone's responses and actually liked what I saw. Adding in Adria is something I thought of, but not as the main boss of Act V. When she fled at the end of Act III and never was seen again, it kind of made me wonder... so I do agree about Adria perhaps becoming a mini-boss. Imperius I think should still be the main boss. The whole finding Leah thing, it was a good read, but I am pretty sure she's gone for good. Cain I think is right where he should be, I know many people would disagree, but he's as old as dirt... he needed to go. :-P
The whole thing about Shen talking about the ultimate gem and also Kingsport is a neat idea. This ultimate gem might be the key to destroying evil (AKA: Black Soulstone) once and for all. Kingsport might be the best lead to this gem, and the follower scoundrel could probably play a role in information gathering since he's an expert at stealing rare treasures. All great ideas, guys... I tried this on another site and got a completely opposite and negative result. Keep'em coming :-)
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06/14/2012 08:54 PMPosted by Seph
The whole thing about Shen talking about the ultimate gem and also Kingsport is a neat idea. This ultimate gem might be the key to destroying evil (AKA: Black Soulstone) once and for all. Kingsport might be the best lead to this gem, and the follower scoundrel could probably play a role in information gathering since he's an expert at stealing rare treasures. All great ideas, guys... I tried this on another site and got a completely opposite and negative result. Keep'em coming :-)

I think, personally, it makes more sense to return to Xiansai for some reason. It's a fancy new massive location (as opposed to one city) they added to the Diablo universe for this game and would allow for some genuinely new-seeming expansive content. It would allow them to add new things to the universe without violating previously established ideas so much. The argument against it, however, would be that since the new WoW expansion is an East-Asian island themed one, that they might not want to repeat that with Diablo...

I can't help wondering if the Dirgest Gem is basically a soul stone (Shen even says it absorbs souls at one point) that has absorbed either the Lord of Greed (a figure mentioned but never seen in game) or some other major figure.

Maybe it will be revealed that the Horardrim has some Xiansai branch or equivalent organization that wasn't totally destroyed...

Suggestions: (Heroes)
1.) A Druid like character who focuses a lot on Nature Base Spells. (Specifically Vegetation spells) :) (PLEASE!)
2.) A Spell Caster that gives focus on Healing and Light Spells :) Much like a Paladin only Magic Base.

I totally agree with you about druid or nature magic character. Has to be coming. Before they announced DH I was really hoping for a nature-archer Ranger class instead... Druid makes total sense since there isn't really a transformation based character yet. In addition, there's not a versatile melee/ranged class yet that can off tank or off dps.

Here's my random class idea list:

1) Cleric- (this would perfectly fit your 2nd idea) A holy-magic healer that casts spells through religious emblems and focuses. My only concern with this one is that it doesn't seem to fit the new "badass" aesthetic Blizzard seems to be going for these days. Maybe to spruce it up, the cleric could be some sort of exiled cleric of a fallen religion or god. Their powers are holy, but maybe there's a dark side to it where they can use blood magic (power spells with vitality) to heal others and such.

2) Tinkerer/Alchemist- Instead of the druid, a nature-based transformation character, how about a weird techno-magic steampunky transformation based character? Sure it doesn't fit into traditional Diablo, but I'd say Blizz isn't too worried about that now. Maybe they could drink potions to transform themselves into monsters. Or summon mechanical armors or mounts to augment their abilities. Lacuni-like grenades also spring to mind... They could easily also design them to fulfill a healer role...

I'll post more if I have more ideas.

I also think it's worth noting that any class idea that doesn't seem to fit could just as easily turn into a new follower type =D
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I would like to see a hero with the power to manipulate objects. like pick up a crappy item enchant it and use them like a shield for example. pick up enemies off the ground and crush them in mid-air or make them into a un-dead bomb. pull the battle debris and use it to the hero's advantage.
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