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07/12/2012 09:10 AMPosted by StarCat
Tathamet. And I've figured out a way to have the boss be Tathamet and not actually battle Imperius. Check out my posts in the Horadric Archives.

Tathamet was all evil combined into one form. This was essentially what diablo tried to recreate. I dont think we need to do all of that over again a second time.

It is, but it's not. Tathamet was the sum off all evil. Not just the seven. Its body was the source of the Burning Hells and the Hellforge, just as Anu's was the source of the High Heavens and the Crystal Arch. They were going for the "Prime" evil, not Tathamet. To be Tathamet you would have to kill off every demon in the Burning Hells and then absorb all the land mass / reality into one being.

Give me a chance. It's one of my better story ideas, in my humble opinion.
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I had a very similar idea to this, most likely because Imperius becoming the villain is the most logical step following the ending of Act 4.

-Diablo as the Prime Evil wounded Imperius (and planted the seed of corruption)

-Imperius believes now, more than ever, that humanity must be eradicated despite the council's admonitions to the contrary

-Imperius hunts for the black soul stone (since it was most likely not destroyed as soulstones can only be destroyed at the hellforge) to unleash it on humanity.

-You must find the black soulstone before Imperius.

-Tyreal tells you that Leah is the only being who knows where the stone is, but she is in the abyss.

-You travel to the abyss (somehow) to rescue her soul like in Greek Mythology

-Malthael, being also angel of death tries to stop you. When you defeat him he is reborn from the crystal arches and he rejoins the Angiris council as the new aspect of life and death, his sanity returned to him.

-You rescue Leah who tells you where the stone is

- as you get nearer to the soulstone you begin to find that the seven demonic powers in the stone have begun to "leak" from the stone, as it was damaged when Diablo was killed.

- You fight aspects of each of the two remaining prime evils (Baal and Mephisto) as you hunt for the stone

-You find the stone just as Imperius does, he is almost completely corrupted by this time

-Final Boss is Imperius

-You defeat him and his soul is trapped in the black soulstone

-You become the aspect of Valor, Leah becomes Wisdom, Tyrael reclaims Justice

Next Expansion (since there will most likely be multiple): Travel to Hell to destroy the Blacksoul stone

That idea is fantastic. Name ideas?
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Not to sideline things...

Can we add a quest that involves finding and using the Cube? That way we can maybe find something good out of all that white letter crap the game always spawns..... Find 6 pieces of junk...insert into cube....Press Button....Presto!! 1 piece of junk....err...high quality junk...

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Not to sideline things...

Can we add a quest that involves finding and using the Cube? That way we can maybe find something good out of all that white letter crap the game always spawns..... Find 6 pieces of junk...insert into cube....Press Button....Presto!! 1 piece of junk....err...high quality junk...


That's a nice idea. Turn whites into a blue.
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the 3 followers pretty much give it away. the tempest is from a clan of angel slayers, the scoundrel needs to have his brother broke out of jail and the angel that train the enchantress needs to be found. Plus the dragon Adria, the Big bad Imperius, that Gem demon Shen was on about and Leah who's soul the hero is bend on saving and you have some kind of a story .
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i know you guys mean well but blizzard just made an announcement that there will be no expansion like they do on WoW.. this game never even made its end game an end game.. on wards to guild wars 2! and pvp will only happen on before 1.1 and thats like a lot of patches to go.. 12 years in the making just to fail in a few months too bad.
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lets just hope blizzard will make the expansion on 2013 and 2014 so this wont end in vain lol
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With all due respect to those who posted ahead of me, we need to think about how each act looked, and how an expansion can be placed in to make things look different.

Act one is New Tristram, which looks much like a superstitious village on the sticks of an old and abandoned monastery should look. In my opinion act one's setting is that of a haunted house horror aspect.

Act two takes on a different aspect with the city of Caldeum, it is bright and desolate, so to make use of it's horror aspect is to have things jump out at you from nowhere, to use the terrain against you, which is something we see from an assortment of monsters.

Act three again gives us a new look, now instead of being in a creepy village, or a desolate but spacious environment, we are placed inside a keep under siege. Bastion's Keep plays a different role of horror to the player, with limited space to move about, we feel claustrophobic with monsters climbing the walls and spawning in great masses.

Act four acts on the role of perverting and soiling halls that one never thought could be fouled. Act four may lack some of the horror aspect as did the three previous acts, but its scenic splendor, and befouling are candy to the eye.

If there is to be an expansion, one needs to think of ways to add new scenery, to continue with what has come before. There will probably be aspects of a new element of horror to behold, new environments yet to be seen.

My predictions are thus, the next act will have a textural layout similar to act three of Diablo Two, water will play a major role in this forthcoming expansion, there will be bridges, in a dark atmosphere which will make it difficult to peer ahead, narrow terrain with more accessibility to the monsters than to the player. Unpredictable monsters that attack from right on out of the environment, dangerous plants, and water creatures, all in an Asian horror mystique.
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Me and my co-worker were both contemplating a possible basis of the next expansion that I think might be a cool idea. As far as story goes, I think it could be centered around destroying the black soulstone before Imperius uses it for his own purposes. He sends out his army of angels to delay you in order for him to succeed in his plan. He succeeds and ends up absorbing it, causing him to become fully corrupted... thus transforming the Archangel of Valor into the Lord of Corruption. Imperius as the final ACT V boss would be a nice change of pace from demon to angel. He is more than a perfect candidate for a villain, too. He hates humanity, favored the destruction of Sanctuary, and he never did see eye to eye with Tyrael. I think it might be a cool idea for a plot for an expansion.
As far as gameplay goes, they do need to make some changes, that of which I will not discuss here, except maybe bring back weapon switching.
What do my fellow Diablo players think? Do you have any ideas, improvements to my idea, or gripes? I'd love a discussion.
well you be possibly adding new classes? idk if you can discuss that with public or not but still. it would be nice :)
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I want them to expand on the worldstone or eye of Anuu cause they didn't really explain what happend after Tyrael "destroyed" it.
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There will be an expansion..i can feel it..nice ideas
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Expansion theories already.

I will cast my vote, either blizzard who annoyed a lot of people with Imperious will let players bring him to his knees, or If you noticed the storyline they trapped all the prime evils into the black soul stone that later went into Diablos new form. As the story goes when one of the prime evils is destroyed they can crawl there way back out of hell if they arent bound to a soul stone. since Diablo the prime evil died and his body was destroyed, he can be reborn in hell, as well as all the souls of his brothers. Meaning A lot of potential bosses, and you cant forget the traitor Adria, thanks to her a witch hunt is in order since she can possibly try to resurrect Diablo yet again.
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06/13/2012 09:10 AMPosted by Legion
I honestly think Imperious would work as a great villain, because of his impetuous personality.

Don't you mean his imperious personality?
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Those are all great ideas, Imperious should definitely be a boss and we should put some closure to leah's story. And Adria really pissed me off, how could she betray us like that:( she has to die. But I would really like to see something with the amazing Gem Shen is always talking about, i was intrigued by his story's of the gem and the powerful demon in it, sounds like a good boss, it could even be an in depth side quest... The expansion whatever they do though I think should have an exceptional amount of new content, and a lot of game play like another IV acts would be awesome.
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i want to see all the evils return in there own forms..not as sheablo..i want to see baal and mephisto in d3, andarial..duriel..all of them

as far as the story goes imperious should be the last boss..or Tathamet...or both..

i wonder why Sheablo wasn't in Tathamet form even tho all 7 evils were one again, i think Imperious is an evil who betrayed hell and joined heaven honestly, and hes the missing link..he seems to embody Wrath more then Valor..either way i'd like to kill him in xpac, i also wanna know the deal with Covetous Shen, hes clearly not mortal..

Also what happened to Lillith ? The one that started Sanctuary with Inarious ? We know Inarious was given up to hell to be tortured forever(maybe he should return too as a corrupted angel like Izual was?) but nothing was ever said about Lillith after she told Mephisto about Sanctuary
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it wont be free =(
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People are hating on diablo 3 because the last 2 were priceless. Its kind of hard to top everyones childhood memories. i played diablo 1 when i was 9 so i see why everybody's a little butt hurt about the gameplay, classes, and AH. But i realize you gotta hope for the best, i actually like AH because its better then having to group up with some people that are just trying to rip you off. Only thing i hope for is new classes but some older ones to, do like 3 old 2 new with every expansion.
Hoping for Classic Warrior, and Neromancers always my fave...

Ill pay $60 for this add-on but it must come with 5 classes and 4 act expansions... and new equipment..

Blizzard should let us vote on which classic classes to add-on this expansion and there should be least 1. I vote Necromancer!
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Throw in a big bad guy resting in the abyss. No prime evils, or any notable bosses? Party time for him....
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To clear up who the evils are:




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As I'm going through nightmare mode with a different companion (the scoundrel) than the first time round (the Templar), I'm actually becoming more curious about the little side-stories. What happened to the stolen relic? I want to see Kingsport! Does the Templar Order have sinister motives? I don't know much about the Enchantress yet, but I'm sensing there might be something going on between her and the Templar maybe... or maybe the hero? She seems to have a bit of a crush on the male demon hunter, I think.
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