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Haunted Achievement tips

So after boredom, i decided to try this ridiculously tedious achievement and noticed 1 thing about trying to get:
Drury Brown
John Gorham Coffin
Digger O'Dell (not part of the achiev)
All 4 of these are within the Defiled crypt.

After trying for several hours i noticed a trend after getting Digger o dell several times and dataminer several times.

Each one was specific to a certain crypt!

I changed my active quest to shattered crown and ran into the chancellors tomb. This way I always started the game inside the tomb and worked backwards. The correct crypt leading to the chancellor only spawned Drury Brown (had him twice) **edit** Now verified to spawn in the real crypt as well is John Gorham Coffin as Kalcory posts below

Digger O dell (lost count after 6+) only spawned in the crypt with no event

The crypt containing the event "jar of souls" only spawned Dataminer (4 times for me)

The crypt containing the event "Matriach Bones" only spawned John Gorham Coffin (once my last ghost needed of the 3)

Maybe it was just a coincidence....If anyone else got something different let me know please.

Hope this helps some people out.
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I have confirmed this to be true (sure it _could_ all be coincidence, but pretty funny that it would be exactly the same for me)

Drury Brown: Correct Crypt
John Gorham: Matriarch Event Map
Dataminer: Jar of Souls Map
Digger O Dell: Incorrect Crypt w/ No Event (he's not one you need but if you see him you know you can leave)
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Thanks for the heads up.
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The Tomekeeper - Realm of Shadow in the archives of zk

The Archivist - The Unknown Depths in the archives as well
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Been running this for about 2 hours now, just need Dataminer. But i also found John Gorham Coffin in the "Real" defiled crypts on my way backtracking to the entrance.

Have you Noticed if there were more than 1 gold mob in each crypt? I tend to just recall after I find the 1st one and kill it.
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Just found Lucious the Depraved in the Cemetery of the Forsaken.
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Yeah right now the only guy i'm missing is the Fecklar's Ghost. I've made probably 50+ maps of the Festering Woods and haven't seen him. I believe likely he is there, as there are some Yellow Grim Reaper Spirits that spawn sometimes, guess i'm just unlucky?
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I'm having a terrible time finding fecklar's ghost. I've cleared the whole festering woods over 100 times and haven't found him yet.

He's possibly the rarest thing in the game I have tried to find so far.

Does anyone who has found him have any insight into if he spawns in a certain spot of the festering woods so I could make my runs a little faster? I've only seen him on one youtube video and he was right at the waypoint.

I'm starting to think I might make a thread to offer gold to whoever can find him for me lol.
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I can't find Dataminer, i've been runing 50+ times on the jar of souls crypt and couldnt find one... Any specific location can be found?
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I am bumping this because I am having a hard time with a cuople of them as well -_-

There has to be a way to control the spawn rate of these ghosts..... there has to be.
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06/14/2012 07:03 PMPosted by Weezo
I can't find Dataminer, i've been runing 50+ times on the jar of souls crypt and couldnt find one... Any specific location can be found?

Dataminer is there, just keep looking. It took me a many hours of running to find him. I've seen a screenshot of him in the hallway close to the gate leading to the center jar of souls room, and I found him in the hallway leading to the gate to the middle aswell.

Make sure to clear the whole area thoroughly.

I still havent found Fecklar's ghost. He is incredibly rare.
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I just got Drury, and I got Lucius without even realising he was one of them just from the sheer number of times I've been switching between crypts. Dataminer is my last one for this area too. It's (unfortunately) one of the harder ones to find, I believe, as Jar of Souls takes a while to figure out if you have it or not, regardless of your checkpoint.
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Got Drury and Dataminer in the same run last night (different crypts). Still looking for the others.
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Actually, the different crypts that you can search all have a pattern.

If it's the jar of souls, it's the biggest of the crypts. The entrance is in 1 of the corners. Just run down 1 way and you make it to the 2nd intersection and there's still more pathway in the same direction, you're in the right area.

The matriarch bones, small dungeon. It'll have a glowing torch on the wall, even if the event isn't there.
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I ran over 100 instances of the graveyard itself in normal looking for Lucious, so he's a pretty rare spawn. He finally spawned on the 100th run after I started keeping track.

I've done 21 runs of NM crypts so far looking for the ghosts that spawn there, I've found Drury Brown in the real crypt, and 5 Digger O'Dell's out of the 21 runs always in a false crypt (I didn't record which false crypt it was). Haven't yet found the other two. Also hoping to get Development Hell on one of these runs, I understand it spawns in NM and higher.
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I think i was very lucky finding Lucious after the second run =)
But now i am looking for Drury, Dataminder and Gorham ... damn it seems impossible.
I am looking on Normal Mode, any suggestions?

Bilzzard needs to do something about item-/eventrarity in general! I played over 200H and I found one really crappy Legendary Maze and Cain's Set and that's it!!! WTF?!?!
I think that's ridiculous.

Greetz and best wishes for good Loot everybody ;)
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Still looking for Fecklar's ghost........

I'm starting to believe he's not actually in the festering woods
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