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Haunted Achievement tips

Having finished the achiev (8+ hrs focused solely on this achiev), He IS in fact there. It took me a very long time for him. I couldve made more farming and just paid someone to find him for me. Easily over 100+ runs to find Fecklar. I was doing it in hell so i could get somewhat decent gold while running through
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I think I cleaned Festering Woods now about 400 times, starting to do NM and Hell after maybe 150 Normalmode runs. No damn unique Ghost/Fecklar. There is a YT video where he's killed in Festering woods though and I did encounter maybe 10 rare ghost bosses so far.
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Lol, I think I've reached 5 days straight of hours (added together of course, not all in one sitting, egad!) and I'm still missing Dataminer. Haven't even started on the ghosts outside that cemetery yet.

The JoS crypt is the same basic layout each time though, so if you want to do fast runs of this look for a branch at the first intersection, then turn the corner again. If you get a double corridor (two corridors parallel, linked by doorways) then it isn't it, and obviously if you see a blue flame in an urn its the Matriarch crypt and also wrong.
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do you guys play on USW? and if so are you farming fecklar's now?
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meh is the 200k bounty still up?
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I just killed Fecklars Ghost - but didn't get the achievement for it oO. He spawned next to the right dungeon for me.
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Finally got that stupid Fecklar's Ghost... after over 500 runs -.-
Drury Brown was ion the same game too.

Please note everyone: Killing them in a party does not grant everyone (part of) the achievement!

EDIT) I just confirmed that hurting them is enough to get them. So make sure to unbind your mouse skill and unequip your weapons so you only punch them once if you want to share the achievement with other players that join/are in your game.
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got Drury Brown in my game doing pony level for next half hour or so add MrAndersen#2727 if you wanna pay a 100k for it (you might have to wait 5m for me to finish a pack)
joined FeiLing's party so hurry if you want it from him ^^
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Still trying to find Tombkeeper to finish the achievement. Anyone got any insights about this one? How long did it take to get him to spawn?
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anyone have more info on john gorham coffin, ive done well over 12 hours of seraching the correct tomb and matriarchs bones tomb and never found him. if/when he spawned in the matriarchs is it part of or in replacement of the event?
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dafuq, it doesn't count if follower/pets kill the ghost... fcvhjbklmkldas
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I have confirmed this to be true (sure it _could_ all be coincidence, but pretty funny that it would be exactly the same for me)

Drury Brown: Correct Crypt
John Gorham: Matriarch Event Map
Dataminer: Jar of Souls Map
Digger O Dell: Incorrect Crypt w/ No Event (he's not one you need but if you see him you know you can leave)

I've just found John Gorham in the Correct Crypt.

06/19/2012 11:42 PMPosted by Gulgoth
anyone have more info on john gorham coffin, ive done well over 12 hours of seraching the correct tomb and matriarchs bones tomb and never found him. if/when he spawned in the matriarchs is it part of or in replacement of the event?

Maybe he doesn't spawn there? Try the Correct crypt.
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John Gorham Coffin spawns in the crypt were you can descent to lower levels, but he will just be on the first floor.
Found all of the act 1 ghost as the first page says in this thread.
Now trying to find the act 2 ones...
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Finally found all of the ghosts... 10 hours well spent!
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Spent about 10 hors now farming The Tombkeeper.... still nothing. Will pay 100k if you find him and invite me in for the kill. Kalgar#1857 Perferably Hardcore
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anyone want john coffin? i have him in my gam but i dont need him
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What's your tag? I could use him
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YES Fecklar's Ghost is in Festering Woods.
I have cleared Festering Woods in Nightmare mode 56 times No result.
I have cleared Festering Woods in Hell mode on 6. try i found him.
Patch 1.0.3 EU server 6 am today
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i still need dataminer + fecklers :<
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for drury brown and dataminer, do i have to be on the shattered crown quest? or can i start from reign of the black king for the waypoint?
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