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Suggestions to improve the Artisan Crafting..

I want to preface this by clearly stating that a) I'm coming at this from an extensive background in visual design (the RIGHT brain.. heyo!) and therefore know absolutely nothing about coding. I have no idea how difficult any of this would be to incorporate. But hell - ya'll are the geniuses over there. That's why they pay you the big bucks!

I'll say it. I admit! I'm dissatisfied. In particular: I want more customization.

Let's face it.

Most people who play RPGs want the same thing. Whether or not we publicly state it, every one of us gamers and conciously (or subsonciously)said the following: "I want my character to be my own. I want to make choices that feel unique. I want to have to make the tough decisions about gear. I want to learn my class by playing it, not by trying some stat or some build some other dude learned by playing.I want to know what not to do. I want to feel a sense of accomplishment via personal progression."

It's clear that ya'll have spent an enormous amount of time and effort considering what choices JimBob_averageplayer_042 will make. That's great, that's wonderful and that's fine - but I want more. I want the ability to customize my character further. I want to see more avenues for customization introduced into this game.

Understanding that I know absolutely nothing about the back end of game design, I think ya'll have done yourselves a huge favor in this regard by introducing Artisan Crafting. Such immense potential. Again - coding and I? Not friends. That being said, I think the following would be cool to see:

I want the ability to improve / tweak / supplant / objectively modify the capabilities of my Artisans. Such as...

>>>The ability to unlock an additional tab / menu /interface with the Artisan. This additional gameplay element could be unlocked through an 'Advanced Crafting' quest chain, purchased with gold or taught by drop. It could be set up as a simple interface for each Artisan (within their preexisting interaction window) like you have for the Follower: A pick-one-or-the-other type thing, or it could be something completely genius and different. Through this advanced, unlockable interface you will simultaneously provide for the player a unique tool and provide for the game a unique feature that will further define Diablo 3's place in the juggernaut trilogy. Also, you will impress the socks off your casual player. Three birds with one stone, baby!

Totally awesome and amazingly unique features you could have in said interface include!:

>>>For the Blacksmith: the ability to invest in improving a specific aspect of his prowess. Call it whatever you want - Craftsmanship, Finesse, Technique.. (hell, even Mastery xO) etc. Subcategories like these could be (presumably simply) incorporated into the 'Advanced' (or whatever you want to call it) tab in the Artisan's existing interaction window.

>>>For the Blacksmith: the ability to improve your chances of rolling a certain stat or stats on the next piece of gear you commission him to craft. Given the sheer number of affixes in this game, a move like this would simultaneously enrich the depth of customization for the player and provide an avenue to develop the personality of the Artisan.

>>> For the Blacksmith: the ability to apply a general modifier to a single craft. Said another way, the ability to narrow the variables of your roll on a certain stat / stats. For instance - Once unlocked, the advanced Artisan is now able to add a general modifier of your choice to the next item you select for him to craft... Perhaps: 1) Sharpen the extremes. Encourage your Blacksmith to take risks and be creative, use questionable technique, foreign material. Think inverted bell curve - select this option and the next crafted item has a much higher chance of having very high and/or very low rolls. 2) Ensure quality. Improve your blacksmith's ability to consistently create quality items, discouraging the use of foreign materials and unfamiliar crafting techniques. Straight up bell curve. Eliminate the extreme rolls. Select this option and ensure that while your Blacksmith will never craft you an 'Awful Blade' (This title is actually possible to generate, I've identified one. Fittingly, it was terrible) that stays in the sheath when you unsheath it, neither will he be invited to concept shape design for Narcil 2.0 by the Elvish Agent Smith...

...Jewelcrafting suggestions to come!

Post your thoughts! Thanks for reading x)
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I like the idea of adding another gem, the Diamond. I just read a post on general changes that suggested having the diamond add +all resist as a stat, critical hit chance in a weapon, and I think it was reduced repair cost in the helm. I personally think this would add another element of depth to the game that is much needed!
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Another nice feature would be the menus having a "Useable by Henchmen" to make it much easier to find items to craft for your currently hired henchmen.

And how about a menu item called "Best I can use" where only the best of each category that a character can use is displayed (with maybe unique 1 level back as well). I've got DH nightmare complete/Monk in nightmare/Wizard nightmare start and endless scrolling past level "4/6/8/old things we don't appreciate" gets a little irksome
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