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Error 3007

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Guys, I have been having this issue since the game launched. Channing, that was a fix they had before a patch was put in place that signed everyone into the general chat. I am getting the same issues as you all, I don't know if I will be able to play for 2 minutes of 24 hours. What is happening to me when I get the error is I will have to restart my computer. It completely kills the internet signal going into my computer.

I have reached out and put a service tag into Blizzard for this issue. Basically they sent me the link Channing posted, it does not work for me. They also mentioned that it was odd that my computer loses internet connect. At this point I am at a loss for words. I don't know if there are ports I should open in my router or if there is anything else I should be doing to correct the problem. Nobody has been able to help.

Out of curiosity what routers are you guys using? Netgear N900 WNDR4500 for me.
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i too got the error 3007 really frustrating when im playing my witch doctor in solo i cant even go 5 mins without it crapping out on me and before it happends i could go half hour without it happening then all of a sudden theres nothing cant even go 5 min without it freezing on me and booting me i have never had a problem with connection status or anything. please fix it its frustrating and i cant hit a damn checkpoint before it boots me really irritating dudes
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common man fix this problemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i am so pist right now...wtf... error 3007 error 3007 error 3007 error 3007 ....4 someone with the name like blizzard ...you should be a shame of your self...
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Hey, This error is giving me blue and where are the blue?
I was using auction house and got kick out by this error again.
Previously, I afk for while when I alt-tab to windows and thought it was normal to be kick due to the new patch but now it happened when I am not afk...
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Same here... And since day one. I thought that it will be fix quickly so i stopped playing for few months, i have only one character level 30. So now, i want to be able to play at D3 because I wait for a lot of months. Please Blizzard do something..
Interressant thing : I'm European and I'm able to connect ont the USA server but not on the EU.. I would really like to play with my friends...
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I can not get into Diablo 3, i can how ever get onto Starcraft 2 and WoW but not diablo 3? and my friend had this problem too so he started to fix his connection and he got banned from Diablo 3 for hacking... crazyness yo, he contacted them and they told him decision is final. they need to start a new way to see if someone is ban-able, back to main issue why is it my friends are playing right now and i cant are accounts randomly chosen to not be able to play as specific times? am i going to get banned for voicing my worries? sigh and feedback would be much help!
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Any solution Yet ???
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I can't even login my server connection times out and I get error3007 blizzard need to fix the damn problem
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Error 3007 Again? omg common
Fix this
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yeah been getting same thing all day
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: (
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There should be an SLA (Service Level Agreement) when the game is purchased. Perhaps we (all players) should to start a petition, a class action against Blizzard for failing to provide a satisfactory level of service. After all, they have received our money, but not providing enough service.
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Same problem here...

Seriously this is ridiculous... When people buy a game they expect to be able to play whenever they want to...

If you are thinking of buying this game I'd suggest to just wait for a cracked version that let you play offline and don't waste your money...
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i've just tired to log in and every single attempt i make always ends in the same result....Error 3007...this is the second time i've had problems with new patches =/ the last time it happened i couldn't even load the game without it saying that there was a new update that needed to be installed (i'd already downloaded it) after trying for 10-15 minutes i ended having to download a new game client and re-install the game, and i've been reading some of the posts in this thread and it seems like Blizzard should read the forums and fix the bugs mentioned because this is appalling.

so please Blizzard fix these bugs PRONTO
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Error 3007!!
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same here :(
error 3007...

i just want to play... just like you all guys...
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not good enough blizz.
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