Diablo® III

RIP Hardcore Characters!

How many of us just died right now? :D
100 Troll Druid
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Just died...
Holy !@#$ that lag spike was ridiculous!
I'd have to guess every single one being played. rofl.

Glad I wasn't on my HC character.
me. was fighting plagued, electric, molton GG
ROFLMAO whats blziz gonna do about this. this is entirely their fault
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One of the 47 reasons I don't roll hardcore.
My condolences to our lost masochistic friends :(
LOL i just witnessed 2 die, but i escaped with LEAP!!!! LOLLL mega 2k ms lag spike
My thoughts exactly.
I was lucky, finished off an easy mob just as the lag was starting.
85 Night Elf Hunter
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This is their fault.... I would hope for a rollback but I doubt it
Haha and here I was mad that i lost my NV stacks during a boss fight. I guess this puts it in perspective. Sucks hard for you guys XD
well i would like to know if im dead but i cant login
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06/10/2012 08:30 PMPosted by Xenrail
ROFLMAO whats blziz gonna do about this. this is entirely their fault

Working as intended. Starting a HC now though, I wanna know how high I can get!
Can't log in. Was in NM diablo. level 51. !@#$ you Blizzard.
90 Undead Warlock
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my first !@#$ing thoughts lol ><"
85 Orc Death Knight
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RIP - Monk in the crumbling Vault when this crap happened !
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