Diablo® III

RIP Hardcore Characters!

RIP monk...can only dodge so many attacks in 40seconds of being able to do nothing!
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I just died right there... they should revive all chars lost in lag spike thats so gay
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lvl 52 wizard died right there SCREW YOU BLIZZARD
Why cant you just start over?
wow blizzard, you fail so hard. I don't even play hardcore and I feel bad for these players. You better do a rollback for them.
lag killed my hardcore when server died.. grrrr
Yep. My HC char just died... pure and total BS! Couldn't do anything but watch as my healthbar went from full to none nice and slowly... painful to watch!
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Ya man. You have to either like having your balls or nipples clamped to get a kick out of hardcore. It's for that hardcore masochist in you that really hates yourself.
The servers are more than likely going to be rolled back, relax.
Lol, major lag spike for like 30 seconds. Went up to 3000ms. Lucky that I wasn't on hardcore, RIP all hardcore players.
GJ blizzard G mother!@#$ing J
85 Night Elf Rogue
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60 barb inferno act 2 DOWN to lag.

Time to level hmm belial runs? :D
100 Dwarf Shaman
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and they arent going to do !@#$ about it. you sign an agreement when making a hardcore char if %^-* like this happens u get pooped on lmao hardcore sucks GG
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06/10/2012 08:35 PMPosted by Yeorgaki
The servers are more than likely going to be rolled back, relax.

Because that has happened before...?
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For all the HC guys, roll them back blizz. This was obviously YOUR servers, it's just not fair otherwise.
lvl 52 wizard died right there SCREW YOU BLIZZARD
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