Diablo® III

RIP Hardcore Characters!

Color me dead.

R.I.P. my little demon hunter... thou shalt not be forgotten.
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all to stop "pirates" who have already circumvented blizzard's anti piracy measures. #WayToGoBliz
The servers better roll back that's BS that i lost my HC because of that insane lagg
I lived. Lucky. Was in NM hardcore act 4. Not playing again today -.-
Wow, lost all my Valor stacks, but feel more sorry for those who lost HC characters. Lame!
how stupid i thought i had it bad when i had a stack of 5 and then a boss down past half way then the server mouse died.
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OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLL serves u numb nuts right. back to the grind loolololololol
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I barely made it back to town. Who knows, my char is probably dead despite me getting a last minute TP up.
This makes me not want to play Hardcore at all. With "always online" I wouldn't want to die in my single player game mode that once you're dead that's it.
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also died, makes me miss the save & exit from d2.
I guess this part of the challenge for HC chars lol
Serves me right for sinking 40 some odd hours in to a hardcore character...I think that's how it works? Thanks for constantly reminding players that you don't care about them.
06/10/2012 08:35 PMPosted by Yeorgaki
The servers are more than likely going to be rolled back, relax.

Very much doubt it.
Ty Blizzard.


Wasn't that far in the game but still disappointing.
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nobody is dead! I rezzed them all
-A moment of silence, for our brothers/sisters in HC mode-
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One of the 37 reasons I don't roll hardcore.

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