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Computer shutdown

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your computer doesnt like !@#$ty programs?

btw you buy an authenticator yet?
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I was under the impression that normal software programs cannot cause computers to shut down.

Only hardware and hardware-affecting software like drivers can do that, no?
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I've had and played the game since its release, but this problem did not start until I bought a new battery. When the battery is plugged in, the game works fine. However, once I'm running unplugged on battery power, after some time, the computer just shuts down in the middle of the game.

Going back to my original battery, everything works fine.

Not sure if it matters, but the new battery is a 9-cell and the original is 6-cell
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Mine does that if I leave the character select screen open on Act 3... Locks up after 10 minutes, quite consistently.
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NO fix in last patch! NOT overheating! this is BS! get it together Blizzard!
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I have had the exact same problem with my PC, but i also i think have found the cure for mine too.
My PC is less than a year old, intel i7, 8gb ram, ATI 6950 GPU, 700W PSU, nice case with lots of cooling (never goes above 40C) and nice and dust free! so i know heat was not an issue and the latest drivers.

now seeing as all people above seem to have different spec's i cannot see a common theme apart from D3.

My problem only started within the last 3 weeks when i started getting the constant disconnects while playing my WW Barb, which after searching the forums i saw other people where having too.
One of the solution to solve this problem was to turn of Vsync in the graphic option in game.
Now this worked i no longer get disconnected but instead my pc just turns off! which i worse.

this problem also seem to present its self more when playing with others, i would get shuts downs after sometimes mear seconds of play once entering a game (never in the menus though)

At first i thought my PSU was broken but after testing it came up working as it should, so i started retracing my steps back over the past 3 weeks trying to remember what i had changed.

After trying different graphic settings and nothing working, i eventually i came to the Vsync, Turned it back ON and Bingo, managed to play for several Hrs so far with no Disconnects or Power Downs.

Sorry for the wall of txt but if tech support reads this it might help solve a problem for others too, but hope my solution works for others too, as i know how annoying this problem is.
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same thing has been happening to me. they honestly have to make a patch for this.
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