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Diablo III and 2012 MacBook Pro Retina Displays

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What resolutions are you on? Also, do you have the rMBP set to Best for Retina or More Space?

This will help out in research.
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the graphics settings that i saw reset to defaults, it's possible they defaulted your hardware to a new hardware class now that it's defined instead of unknown like it was to 1.0.3? i still find it hard to imagine any retina will get good fps at highest hardware class at it's native resolution, in the 512MB vram models. and 1 gig, meh. S4d1k will know more.
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Not sure if my info is needed but I am gaming in native resolution(2880*1800), display settings I have always been using Best for Retina Display
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after last mountain lion update I can no longer play diablo 3, the game simply doesn't start
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Yeah, I have the highest pimped out "Build To Order" Retina Macbook Pro. The game was running excellent before 1.0.4. Even to the point that I was shocked at how good it looked... The effects even visually improved compared to highest settings on my last 2009 Macbook. The FPS were running without any noticeable frame drops. I can't say it enough, it ran soooo well.

After the 1.0.4 patch it is running horrible.

Exact same situation here. I use the "more space" option and always did, but 1.0.4 is almost unplayably slow on what I think are the same graphics settings.
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Since patch 1.04 I no longer have proper resolutions in the game. I used to play on 1680x1050 (same as my screen resolution on my RMBP) but now it only shows widescreen resolutions as something like 1930x1170. Can you fix this? With the previous patch I did not have any problems at all. I have a stock RMBP (cheapest one).
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I'm in a similar boat here. I have a rMBP and used to play at the 1400x900 resolution to give the best performance. That resolution is no longer available and I've tried setting resolution to "best for retina" prior to launching the game and I guess it improves it some but not to the level ti was previously. I notice a lot of times where my FPS just drops crazy.
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Any feel back on the fan issue in rMBP ? I just got mine today and was running at 2880/1800 and the fan was making quite a bit of noise .
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