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I would like to link my Paypal account to the RMAH, but I have never owned a cell phone, therefore cannot receive SMS alerts via text. Is there an alternative for people in my situation?

I sent a support ticket asking the same question but also posing it here.

And yes, I know I'm probably the one person left in the US who doesn't own a cell phone.
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There is currently no alternative for this. You can still use the RMAH but will be limited to battle.net balance which allows you to still buy and sell items. You just can't "cash out".

This is covered in the FAQs and has been hotly debated since at least 1 May on the forums. So far Blizzard is sticking to it.

Players who wish to use PayPal to charge up their Battle.net Balance or to “cash out” funds earned in the real-money auction house will be required to sign up for our SMS Protect authentication service in Battle.net. When you sign up for the Battle.net SMS Protect service, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone containing a code that you must enter on to verify your identity. Once verification is complete, you can then move forward with your transaction. After this initial verification, you will be prompted to enter a new SMS code from time to time when accessing a feature that uses PayPal. Note that standard SMS messaging rates apply -- check with your cell phone carrier for details.

Many are annoyed at the lack of a work around such as VOIP or a pre-paid phone. Maybe they will find a compromise but here is the scenario they are trying to prevent (I think).

Average Joe just wants to log in and play. He does not care about the RMAH so does not have an authenticator on his account. He somehow gets compromised and the hackers put an authenticator on his account, attach a stolen PayPal, and then use an anonymous phone to set up that SMS protect. Now the hackers use his account to flood the AH with stolen items at prices they control. A real phone with a contract that is linked to a real area code helps prevent that. It also keeps people from other regions out of our AH. Heck, for all we know it may be something Legal required them to do so as to keep people from countries where the RMAH is banned (China) out. I would be interested to see if a blue confirms that second one.

I agree it certainly is annoying and alienating to the majority of the playerbase who are just honest folks. We shall see if they implement something else down the road.
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I use Virgin Mobile, so I got the shaft too. Not pleased I waited and eagerly looked forward for them to open the RMAH only to find I can't use it anyways... the icing on the cake of "Issues I've had with Diablo III"

I'm very tempted to just say !@#$ it and get my housemate to help me out and put his cell number in. I've heard that after you first set it up, Blizzard rarely ever sends verification messages anyways, and since I live with the guy, big deal. If I do this, does anybody know if I'm able to cancel that number later, say when I move, get a new phone, or if Blizzard decides to allow us Virgin Mobile users to use SMS, or at least creates some alternative (which seems in their best interest, seeing as how they like to make more money and all)?
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I thought about asking my roomate, but why should I have to?

If average joe gets a trojan because he doesn't have the sense to avoid bad websites, why should I have to pay for it?

This is exactly as stupid as those people trying to ban giant size sodas because some people cant keep themselves from drinking 5 of them a day. So I can never buy a giant size soda again?
That's the future of gaming for ya... (well actually, maybe just "the future")

Imagine the hoops Blizzard will be making you jump through and the #%#*s they'll be making you suck 10 more years from now!

And they can, because they know we'll all buy their product regardless of what they do.
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This SMS junk is retarded. I don't have a cell phone, but am required to have one in order to cash out on the rmah? Perhaps next time blizzard releases a game, they should also include a free cell phone with a plan, so that everyone can enjoy the game equally.
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It's very frustrating. I'm not going to rage!quit the game and demand a refund over it, but I am very, very disappointed. While I do have a phone, it is

a). AWOL at the moment
b) A TracFone, so probably not able to use it anyways (it's one of their most recent models, just purchased in Jan...so we'll see, if I ever actually find the thing)

Only alternative is to hand off my items to a friend who can sell and cash out (watch them somehow gimp that too)

Another case of hackers/scammer ruining something for the honest ones. I don't understand why we have to pay because some people are douchebags.
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Well that sucks. :(

I mean, I completely understand the desire/need for an SMS system, but you'd think that there would be an alternative system in place for the people who fall through those cracks.

Oh well, thank you all for the response. :)
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Att Go Phones Work

You mean it works with prepaid SIM cards? I wonder if it would work for me I live in Canada.
I think the whole thing is silly. I have an authenticator, and a Pay Pal account, so that should be enough to have access to buy and sell stuff on the RMAH. I don't care if I necroed this thread from a month ago or not, the way the whole RMAH has been handled thus far has been stupid.

Why even have it at all when the majority of folks are not able to use it?

Edit: IE - folks that don't have a cell phone. I bet > 50% of the population do not have cell phones yet, let alone want to jump through the hoops in order to get this stupid thing to work. It was a horrible idea in the first place if you can't do it right, and fair for everyone, 'even average joe', don't do it at all.
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Why can't you put an additional check for Authenticator Code or something, when you click to check the RMAH, and then once more when you want to buy something from there? You have always said that no one's account has ever been compromised, that has an authenticator on the account. So what is the problem with that?
[locking for being a necro'd thread]

well your losing my money added to this game till you fix a work around.
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