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The RMAH prices are *hilarious*!

Can't believe I'm actually making a thread here, but seriously this is too funny!

I'm a normal working person, I have a job, it's not a great job, but my fiance and I do alright. I love Diablo, and I'm enjoying the game, but I only get to play maybe 10-15 hours a week. I just got my first barb up to lvl 60, having a lot of fun starting inferno.

Anyway the point is, the RMAH is perfect for me, I was all over it. If D3 keeps me entertained and therefore I'm not buying other games, I'm happy to spend some cash to get my character some amazing gear that my life doesn't afford me the time to truly grind for. I would *happily* spend some dough to outfit my barb with some Immortal King's gear. So I happily boot up and go to check it out this morning for the first time, thinking maybe I can get some amazing stuff.

You jokers that are putting this !@#$ up for sale are a real piece of work. I'm sure some of you will get lucky with a few saudi princes happily paying $250 for a virtual item, but jesus christ. I should be able to completely outfit a character with incredible %^-* for like $20, tops.

These things work themselves out with time, but yeah, seeing prices set that high across the board (lowest buyout of immortal king's cage was $60! the price of the bloody game!) really forced me to rant. How utterly silly.

Never have so many people impatiently waited for their auctions to *not* sell, so that they can relist them tomorrow for a sane price. (and then again and again until they find a price I might even consider paying lol aka $5 for a *really* good legendary item)
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Use the gold AH if you can't find it for the cash price you want, ffs some people.

Also there's a max buyout field that really helps with you know, sorting stuff.
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It's simple, really. Look at the cost of gold on whatever gold selling website you can find. Let's say the current going cost of 1M is $10. Now, go to the Gold AH and check to see how much the item you want costs on the Gold AH. Obviously ignore overpriced sales. Now that you have a general idea of how much gold it would cost, convert that into $, go to the RMAH, and compare. 99% of the stuff on the RMAH is laughably overpriced.
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i didnt kno it was a bad idea to try and make the most out of something, especially when that something is selling a FAKE VIDEO GAME ITEM for real MONEY

why not TRY and sell it for that high, and if it doesnt sell, you get the item back in 2 days

damn that doesnt sound like an amazing system and fun way of making money at all

i guess u would actually work for your money? lol
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I see you are one of the "gold is worth $0.10 a million" crowd.
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I put up items as a joke for ridiculous prices to see if anyone would bite...and they did. Now I have to rebuy gear for my character lol. After price stabilization I'll probably get 10x better gear for the same price a month from now.
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Seriously, you log on to RMAH the DAY it launches and complain about prices?
Really? REALLY? Dude, what on earth did you expect. This is the time to cash in on all the people frustrated by inferno before it gets nerfed. This is the time to milk those sobs who stuck with their barb/monk instead of doing the smart thing.

Give it a month, then youll be able to get your items cheap -- buying stuff on day1 is always going to be expensive as !@#$.
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I logged in today and decided to check out what the RMAH was looking like. I had the same reaction as the OP.

Moderate monk gloves (in the range of what I already have, and they aren't that great) are listed at 60-80 dollars.

Hopefully the prices come down to reality. It really is a joke now.
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The market is still finding its way in terms of price discovery. That process is a slow one in this market where listings last almost 2 days, so repricing happens only slowly and gradually. But repricing will happen. Not very many items will be selling for $250 and many will need to be repriced to sell in the days and weeks ahead. The same holds for items that are listed for $20 but are not even close to being worth that in Gold terms.

The pricing is highish right now, but it will settle out over time as things are repriced. Again, that will be slow due to the mandatory listing times, which are not very short.
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Yeah I took a peek at the rmah last night and was shocked by the prices. I actually thought items would trade in the $1-10 range. Do people really pay this much for virtual game items? Why don't we all say screw it and just trade gold and be done with it. If people don't support the rmah will it work? It seems to me that drops could be a bit better and the average Joe could play this game without having to buy so much from either auction house. I think that the majority of people playing D3 aren't interested in making real $$$ - they just want a challenging, fun game to play. C'mon Bliz/Activision (whoever the hell you are), you made $60 a pop on this game, how about taking your hand outa my wallet now?
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TL;DR : QQ cuz I can't get full perfect stuff for $20.
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What people fail to realize is that players have been paying for items since the start of D3. I think maybe 5 days ago, gold was being sold on THESE VERY FORUMS for $10 per million. And people were buying it - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5593236913

That means that a $250 item would have been sold in the AH for 25 million. And people were buying those.

Therefore, people have been paying for $250 items for a while now. The RMAH just gives it wider exposure.
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There are some real good deal on the RMAH too, you just have to be patient and look for them.

I bought a legendary should with 180+ int, magic find, vitality, gold find etc for 1.25$ yesterday.
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Using money I earned yesterday selling a 1100 bow I bought a full armor set for my barb for less than 10 a piece

Protip: Input desired stats and search on Ascending Buyout Price.
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