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Extreme deterioration in performance 1.02c

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Since the latest patch this week I have been suffering from a major downgrade in the performance of Diablo 3. Between framerates that have dropped considerably from their normal levels, much longer disk stutter for loading new areas, and far more lag spikes during gameplay, it would appear that 1.02c has greatly affected the ability of the Diablo 3 client to run smoothly.

I have tested this on both my desktop (where i can run everything at nearly maxxed settings with almost no hiccup), and my laptop (where i run very modest settings but obtain a steady 40fps). Both setups have a very noticeable change for the worse in terms of performance.

On my desktop once I got in a game it was extremely rare for it to not hit 60fps and run smooth and easy throughout the entire session other than massively cluttered areas with a lot of particle effects. Now i get constant stuttering, large swings in frame rates, and far more lag than i should be getting on a 25mbs connection. The laptop barely gets over 20fps now (where at the minimum it would stay at 30, and consistently hover between 40-50). And the stutter makes the game practically unplayable.

I have tried changing multiple settings, updating and double checking graphic drivers, toying with the v-sync since blizzard mentioned it was causing issues (this did nothing but make my screen tear while dealing with the massive downgrade in graphic performance). If it were on one machine I would be willing to write it off on something on my end, but considering I have not changed anything on either setup except downloading the newest patch, I am inclined to believe that this is not something on my end.

Can anyone confirm similar issues since the new patch? It's not like Blizzard to have the game suffer from such and obvious issue and not say something about it. I expected the RMAH might make lag a big more noticable due to the volume of traffic it was bound to get on release, but this is well beyond some extra lag.

Any kind of response or idea of what may be causing this would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
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I'm seeing it, too. I just noticed it in Act 3, Machines of War. It's so bad that it's unplayable.
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Same problem on desktop and laptop. Please fix it fast, Blizzard, it just ain't no fun anymore.
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