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Black Rock Ledger - Finding a use v3.0

This is meant to be a continuation to the V2.0 thread. If you would like to know where to retrieve these pages, or what theories have already been tested, check the previous thread. The OP did a decent job of updating most of the theories but I suggest you skim through the entire thread if you have time. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5568801573


Wow, I go away for a few days and come back to a bunch of crackpot theories. Really guys? Kill Belial with the Oar and drop the Clipper (which is reference to something completely different) beside a 6 toed statue and then run across the map to a random ambient lighting lampost and try to break it? What the !@#$?

No. No. No.
Lets go back to the roots.

We know we have 6 pages.

We know the first letters spell out DHARMA.

We know the ledgers speak of the captain getting away into the desert and never being seen again. In Lost, the captain was buried somewhere near the shipwreck as noted by the blast door map.

In LOST, the ship shipwrecked ON THE ISLAND because of those unlucky numbers. This could mean the Shipwreck in Diablo 3 crashed in the stinging winds because it was BROUGHT THERE by the numbers, or it could mean that the Black Rock Ledger may provide co-ordinates to an island (because that was traditionally the only thing that did provide co-ords in the TV series).

Or, it could be an easter egg that does nothing - but I find that hard to believe considering how it takes up 6 slots in your inventory and is trade-able.

So lets focus on what we KNOW. Lets look at what we HAVE and stop thinking about treasure goblin portals, random normal weapon drops in game, NPC followers and the staff of herding. We have absolutely no reason to believe any of this would correlate with any sort of secret LOST level.

OH - One more thing. if you're reading this, and you work for blizzard, please wipe that smirk off your face and give us SOME SORT OF INSIGHT into what the heck is going on. Any sort of reply would help us out.

Currently the best theory is a place inside the Black Rock Mines where a path leads to a door with a cow skull above it. The door cannot be opened, but apparently the map zone changes from Black Rock Mines to Stinging Winds EVEN THOUGH there are several zones between these locations. This is leading us to believe these zones may be linked by a secret entry somewhere.

Also, if you are testing theories, try and test them on Hell difficulty. It may not make a difference, but there's several references to Hell - one being in the ledgers themselves, and one being an entire notion surrounding the TV series that they island was Hell.
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One thing i realized, is after using Cluckeye (legendary bow that doesnt look so legendary), I ran out of Hatred and started shooting chickens.. So the point I'm Trying to make with this is, that if we're running around breaking stuff equipped with these items, it's possible that we have to unequip are skills to make normal weapon attack, just like the achievement punch Diablo, but with an Item
I would like to point out that in French, it doesn't spell out DHARMA... It actually doesn't spell out anything... so maybe the translators !@#$ed it up... or maybe it was made just for fun by designers...
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My theory is this: NYI.

The pages drop now but whatever they open is not yet implemented.

PS: where are the black rock mines?
Another thing I have in mind is... Are we lookling for something that opens when we have the write items/pages everytime? or is it something that spawns randomly... because if that the 2nd, we should all e spamming the same theory for an hour or 2 hours (whatever...) to check the theory and be sure we're going in the wrong direction...
For example, I tried the "secret donjon entrance" in black rock mines... didn't do anything... but tried it only 5 times...

i'll try to spawn the boat and check from here... anyway... I think we might be going a bit far... and maybe we should go back to the begining, what we know for sure and investigate from here...

If I find something, I'll post
I noticed the door in the black rock mines with the cow skull. Definitely has me intrigued now. If this turns out to be the biggest road to nowhere easter egg in Diablo history that will be a real bummer. Maybe they will implement something because of all our theories even though they never meant to, just like original cow level. Also, it may be completely unrelated, but I wonder if the second cow skeleton (not the cow king at Whimsyshire) may have something to do with it. I would hate to think absolutely everything has been found already...
Actually the Place is called *Black Canyon Mines

The small path is in the northeast of the map it's before the khasim outpost..
There is no cow skeleton but much more an Iron wolf corpse called Bowden!

I can't find any relation to lost from a guy named bowden sadly hmm..

Also he never drops anything...
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i just stumbled upon this room here


and there seems to be a bovine cut open on the wall, and in the backround i can hear swirling noises, but no music. odd? plus theres that diagram on the floor. this is in alcarnus btw, just after the area with the ledgers.
There is a door that has the skull above it. I will try to find a pic next time I see it....
The small path is in the northeast of the map it's before the khasim outpost..
There is no cow skeleton but much more an Iron wolf corpse called Bowden!

Can't find it... I've been trying several times, but nothing...
I find the strangest thing about the door at the Black Canyon Mines is all the times I've went there nothing has ever spawned. Also when questing you always go left so there no need to even go that way. Seems kind of useless to have a dead end at the back of a map like that.
k I noticed something... Is it just me or the pattern the ship has on the top-right corner map, looks like a hand pointing at something? http://i1240.photobucket.com/albums/gg496/Xoliaeth/DiabloIII-06-13-201212-28-49.jpg
Tried though... nothing so far...
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bumping to stalk this thread.
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Isn't the Black Rock Ship in LOST hundreds of years old kinda and could be a hint meaning that she is one of the passengers on the ship. Meaning that she's is definitely the one you must bring around with you to discover the secrets...

Actually in Lost the Guy who helps JAcob (can't remember his name... the spanish dude who crashes on the isand in the Black Rock) He is hundreds of years old... and he is Jacob's helper/hand/will/whatever u wanna call it... Probably a link here
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