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Phone number considered VOIP, not valid

There's really nothing I can do about these issues in here. It's nothing to do with your pc or the game client not running. You'll need to call in and see if our Billing Department can be of any assistance.

Billing representatives are on hand to take your call between 7am to 8pm Pacific Time, 7 days a week at 1-800-59-BLIZZARD (1-800-592-5499). Customers in Australia should call 1-800-041-378.

Hey Omrakos, could you please answer a question for me? =(
Us folks with virgin mobile can not use the SMS protect. My Virgin Mobile phone is an android smartphone with unlimited texting including sms and unlimited data. When I use the search, it says CELLULAR, SPRINT. Why does the SMS protect not work with us?

Its getting extremely frustrating getting no blizzard responses about this since the RMAH launched. Are you guys at least looking into a solution to this, or this never be fixed?

I would really like a response to this, im hoping you support guys are a little nicer and wont ignore us folks without contract phones. Thanks! ;)
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bump, still no valid response to my problem :|
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06/15/2012 06:44 AMPosted by Clopnaz
bump, still no valid response to my problem :|

Same :P
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I opened up a ticket with Blizzard support and he gave me the same answer twice:

"You will need to contact your phone provider and speak to them about enabling SMS/Text subscriptions."

The funny thing is is I already have SMS/Text subscruptions.
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For those wondering why you can't use "anonymous" phones like prepaid or VOIP I can give some insight. Note these are my OPINIONS only.

I see two reasons. One is security and the other is legal.

1. Joe Everygamer is just doing his thing. He does not care about RMAH and never heard about password reuse. He gets compromised. The criminals attach a mobile Auth to his account, attach a stolen paypal, and attach an anonymous phone. They then start flooding the AH with items at prices they control. They would do it with many accounts which would affect the economy as a whole. It would also be terrible for poor Joe Everygamer who now has a bunch of fraud charges on his account and is banned.

2. The RMAH is region limited and some countries do not allow it at all such as China. One way to ensure that anyone cashing out is in the proper region is to use a valid and real cell phone before real money can be earned. Speculation here..but there may be legal requirement for this to help verify regions and countries.

It means that people from countries where it is banned will want to steal accounts from areas where it is allowed. Having a legit phone with an active plan in that area at least slows them down.

It's very simple. Text messaging is not SMS. Text messaging phones are not allowed by Blizzard for authentication. It has to be SMS.

The difference between text messaging and SMS is that text messaging simply means sending a text message to some device. That device could be your phone, your tablet, or even your computer. The sender has no way to verify what device received the message, nor where it was located.

VOIP has the same problem. It offers no location services. You can guess location from IP, but someone could be using a proxy so that renders it useless.

SMS is a very specific text protocol that is tied to geolocation services by your cell phone company. This enabled Blizzard to know that:

(1) The message was received by a cell phone whose owner is known by the cell phone company. They can match records of name/address if need be.

(2) That the recipient is located in North America, and is not some foreign farmer.
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Nifty! Thanks for the technical explanation on that. I knew from security and legal reasons why it had to be "a cell phone with a data plan" and figured geolocation was part of it. I did not know how that worked though.
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I tried my wife's cell phone # for kicks and it works just fine. We're on a family plan for Verizon, we both have iphone 4S. Exact same data/msging/minute plan What gives? I think it has something to do with Blizzard's database. I tried my home phone number for kicks and it said it wasn't a valid cell phone according to their database. Can a blue help figure out how to update blizzard's SMS database with our valid cell phone #s?
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It's very simple....

I don't think this is true. Prepaid plans all do SMS.
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I sent a ticket in and they said that they are currently negotiating a contract with virgin mobile and other prepaid companies to allow prepaid phones with the sms protect.
So hopefully, this will be resolved soon.
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Same issue here. It won't recognise Virgin mobile numbers. Would be nice to have an answer. My phone is an iPhone and it isn;t pre-paid, it's on a contract.
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I have a Verizon Droid Razor Maxx. My number doesn't work either. Neither does my husbands. We both have sms/text plans. Called the number listed above and it said the queue was full and told me to look on the internet. So...
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Guys, I have a ticket in, but while I am waiting, I did some research...Turns out that it isn't your phone, it's not your provider, and it's not going to get fixed anytime soon. If I get a different answer from Blizz, other than it's something about my phone, my plan, or my carrier, I'll post and let you know....as of now tho, if you can't get it, you can't get it.
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its coming from whatever blizzard uses as their phone verification company. whatever phone number verification company blizzard uses, they have a database of numbers so if ur phone number was a former Vonage, or any other VOIP carrier, ported into your current carrier from a previous customer, you're pretty much SOL.

ur phone company isn't going to be able to do anything about it. what needs to happen is blizzard needs to tell u what phone verification company they use and then u have to contact those guys and tell them they need update the status of ur number with ur current carrier. and then those guys need to update their database to say that the number is no longer a VOIP number and is now a cellular number. BUT the chances that blizzard is going to cooperate and give u that info is unlikely. you're more likely to get struck by lightning than expecting blizzard to actually help with that.

so, as i said before ... you're screwed.

i ran into this problem with another company that uses phone number verifications to determine if ur number is a landline, cellular or VOIP number. it resulted in me having to get a new number from my phone carrier BUT what i did this time was when they gave me my new number, i stayed on the line with the rep while inputting the number in their system to see if it was accepted. so what u would have to do is get a new number from ur carrier and WHILE U ARE ON THE LINE WITH UR CARRIER put the number they are going to give u into battlenet, click submit and see if its accepts the number and have them keep giving u another number until battlenet accepts it.

i swear companies do things in the name of technology just to make things go slower and be more frustrating.
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The problem with this is that many of the Tier 1 companies do not keep their database updated; nor do their lead technical engineers have access to change the classification of their phones. My AT&T phone number (which went through ATT direct) is showing up as a VoIP number when using searchbug.com. This is actually not the case, however, since my phone number is absolutely not a VoIP number.

I have been on the phone with ATT for over an hour now (still going) trying to solve this issue. They don't have a tag or classification for VoIP and are befuddled as to why it is listed as such. They also mentioned a lot of behind-the-scenes business with smaller companies who hold registration of certain phone numbers.

This is a problem that will affect most people signing up with certain providers since phone numbers are constantly being recycled, swapped, and re-used.

It is a glaring problem that your service cannot find a better way to verify VoIP or not. Because of this, you are alienating many of your legitimate customers from using this service, myself included.
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