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Multiple Authenticators linked to one Account


This is a really easy suggestion / feature change... simply allow an account to have multiple authenticators linked to it.

I have three Android devices, a tablet and two phones (work related only phone and personal phone), I would like to install the authenticator on all 3 devices and be able to use any of them to authenticate my account without having to unlink and then re-link on a different device.

Let's make a scenario...
It's Monday and I'm at home play on Diablo III so I authenticate my account using my Tablet and then then Tuesday morning I get invited by some friends to go down town so I leave my tablet at home and proceed to go out. We start heading home after being down town most of the day when a friend asks me if I'd like to come back to his/hers to play some games when we go round their house we decide to play Diablo III and I proceed to try and login to my account on his computer when I'm met with prompt asking me to authenticate, I left my tablet at home but I have my phone in my pocket however I can't authenticate because I haven't unlinked my tablet... I can't play.

Simple secure, safe suggestion get it fixed/changed please as more and more people will be using/having/owning multiple devices and want the same thing.

- Ryan
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I agree, same scenario here, I would like to have it on more than one device.
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Couldn't you input the codes from the first one into the others? The code is there to resink them when you get a new phone or have to reinstall so surely it should work

You should just need the serial number and restore code
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i want this to be HIGH priority for the RMAH
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Asguard is right. If you go into your currently active authentication application and go to "About" you can see your current serial and restore code.

Go into the device that you would like to add and go to "Restore" in the authentication application. Enter the serial number and restore code from the first device and voila! Both devices should provide you with the same code now.
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i agree, i have an actual authenticator but don't want to take it around with me everywhere i go
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using the restore code from the first authenticator worked perfectly...my iphone and android device are now generating the same codes! I do the same thing for 2 factor auth on my google account using the google authenticator app...if you have multiple devices, then you just need it on each one.
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Can I keep one Battle.net Authenticator at home and another at work, and have both associated to the same account?

No. Each account can have only one Battle.net Authenticator linked to it at a time, so you would need to carry the authenticator with you to log in from different computers.
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This would be great for BlueStacks on my computer... I hate having to hunt my phone down to play a video game in the comfort of my home.
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Thanks for this bro !
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Nice catch Asguard. Where should I send your cookie?
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Thank you, Asguard!
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