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I sold four items on the RMAH so far and 3 of them went through to my PayPal no problems. But my fourth item that sold did not transfer to my PayPal and is now displaying Failed under Transaction and under the red ! it is showing Error 0. Anyone else getting this OR know what caused it?? My only guess is that the buyer decided against it and somehow got his money back from Blizzard for my auction?? The item has not been returned to me.
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Having the same issue
Same here, Bump..
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Well here's the result of the Error 0 and what it is - just got this email from Blizzard:

An auction associated with this Diablo III account has encountered an issue and has been cancelled for the protection of the parties involved. While we strive to minimize any auction cancellations and regret the inconvenience involved, keeping the auction house safe and secure is something we take very seriously. Any funds used to participate in this auction will be returned to the buyer, and the item will be returned to the seller in the Diablo III auction house “Completed” tab.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Please feel free to post/bid on the item again and otherwise continue to use the Diablo III auction house as you would normally.


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Awesome, great to know. That email should be sticky'd.. ridiculous how many people are having this issue. I didn't even get an email just heard from you and I've had error 0 since yesterday morning.
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Yes, i had the same issue on two items now, both after having a bid previously before someone bought out the item.
Same issue on my most expensive item :( there goes 30$ oh well
I've had the same problem for 3 days now. It still says Error 0 and Failed. I've yet to receive my item in my "Completed" tab. Is anyone still having this problem?
ye i have the same problem i have yet to receive my item too...
Purchased 3 items. Got an email saying I can collect and transfer to my stash.
One has reported Failed (error 0) and the other two are processing - processing for the past 3 hours!

The RMAH is so bloody slow, why?
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5 days..... 5 and I still don't have my item back from this error. Dafuq
bump.! =( mine is at 6 days but still no item back =(
did any of your items' status change back to "processing" after being in the "error0 action failed" status for a couple of days?

I'm starting to wonder what the hell is going on. I still have neither the fund or the item after 5 days of wait.
9 days has pass still failed and no items has been send back..... even the money..
I am having the same problem after buying emeralds on the gold AH. it still says I have 50 completed items in completed tab, but I remooved everything from there, and still nothing, weepee. I will try to make a ticket or something and hope blizz fixes that...(and meanwhile I can;t put anything on the Ah because it seems my completed tab is full :)) )
good luck to all you other people, and if u find anything that fixes this error 0 please post it here
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Please don't revive old threads like this one from last June.

There are many other recent threads for this issue in here as well as one on the Bug Reports forum acknowledging the problem and providing a possible workaround until it's fixed.

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