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Loading balance to wallet "queued"??

This is getting ridiculous. Been waiting for multiple days now and I still don't have my battlenet Wallet updated to the correct amount. Absolutely Love how Blizzard takes your money our of your bank the instant you purchase the funds, yet you don't get the funds until they decide to give it to you! Thanks Bliz, the auction I was after is now long over! :D
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Just an update - 6 days later it arrive.

Bought my first item, now item listed as "under review" and ill get it within 48 hours.

1st and last time i bother with this crap.
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Thats some b-!@#$. I wished I had never bothered with that crap.
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06/15/2012 02:35 AMPosted by m0nthon
3 days and still queued and blizzard took money from my bank already.

yeah man .. that is complete and utter b.s.

once they take the money from your account they have no right to withhold it from you ..

im seriously peeved about this ..
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Anyone knows how long does Blizzard take to refund my funds which they withdrew from my bank since my recharge failed? Hope someone can reply me thanks in advance.
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85 Night Elf Rogue
was trying to transfer my bank toon with about 800k in my guild bank to a high pop realm to buy a few tcg mounts that were priced realy cheap such as spectral tiger for 220k. well about 5 hours after trying the auctions have all sold and my money is gone from my paypal but still not deposited into my battle.net balance thanks blizz for being such screwups ive paid for MANY transfers with the same paypal in the past ive counted over $500 worth and never had an issue until this
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Yeah, utterly BS is what this is.
Guess thats why there are rumors that they are going to remove RC AH.

Did order both by Visa & PayPal and still got status 'Queued' on both... There is no problem at PayPal's side nor at Visa, other payments is done by the sec you press Submit.
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wtf bizz, 2 days in que? i should jus buy from the chinese
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Ironic part is:

"Under what conditions can I cancel an order?
If the order is for physical goods and is in the Pending state, it can be canceled through the Order Details page. Orders in any other state cannot be canceled. Orders for digital goods also cannot be canceled, because they are delivered immediately upon purchase."

Yup that's Blizzard for you.
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What i like the most about this. Is that they are not even bothered to post about it. Calm people down somehow ? Say wheather its gonna be fixed and so on...
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OK. After about 3 hours of purchasing, I find this problem. How long should i wait...
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90 Undead Warrior
Forever and a day GhostCry. Even now at 3/30/13 when all of D3's playerbase has mostly died and the game is filled with botters or people who hiss at the mention of RMAH it still takes forever for them to process these danged transfers. They take the money instantly of course, but they don't instantly deliver your goods. I DEMAND THAT IF YOU TAKE THE MONEY INSTANTLY BLIZZARD WE GET OUR GOODS INSTANTLY. That's how mercantile WORKS, not this oh hey we're going to essentially STEAL money from your account and not give you your goods until we say it's cool to. Nope. If you will not give us our goods at time of purchase, you should not get your money at time of purchase.
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Yeah this is bull !@#$ i want my money back.....................................................................................................................................................I should of just bought steak.....
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Talk about some customer service. lol Good thing I only tried to load w/ $3, what more if I put a $50 in it.
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90 Orc Shaman
tru chainz
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90 Orc Death Knight
Blizzard needs to get on their A-game regarding battle.net balance loading. It shouldn't take any more than a few minutes to add to your balance. The repercussions of it not happening in minutes, especially on the RMAH/GAH is drastic. Auctions come and go in seconds and having to wait hours or days for your balance to load is unacceptable.
Edited by Raveus#1433 on 7/22/2013 7:29 PM PDT
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why did i even bother ...
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der is for physical goods and is in the Pending state, it can be canceled through the Order Details page. Orders in any other state cannot be canceled. Orders for digital goods also cannot be canceled, because they are delivered immediately upon purchase."

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lets see how long it takes... i load 10€ today.
so its day 1, hope that it dont take too long
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90 Human Warrior
this is a bunch of dog !@#$ rolling on 10 hours been wating soo long lol!
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