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Game Creation Limit- Updated

Talk about !@#$ updates, stuck at inferno gotta farm for gold sO i kill zoltan kulle fast.. and get gold and thats not even that fast.. now there is alimit to this great. You just %^-*ed us up bad.
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So, what do they expect us to do?

A game whose main objective is to acquire items via farming to progress or make money has hindered your ability to actually farm.....

I am severely disappointed. As an avid gamer I was at Blizzcon in 2007 and got to experience the first dungeon in the beta of D3. I was soo stoked, having grown up on the Diablo series, EVEN my PARENTS played Diablo 1 and 2.

I understand that every company now-a-days is trying its hardest to stay afloat with the way the economy has been, pinching and saving every cent possible. what you dont understand though, is that Loyal customers will pay whatever to play your games. so why are you jipping them with all of these changes?

Alot of people, including myself, signed up for the annual pass, just to be able to get D3. I have probably been on my WoW account maybe 2 weeks the past 6 months, anxiously awaiting MoP because the rest of the content has bored me, (amg ICC 2.0).

The RMAH was a very clever idea and if it happens to pan out and work correctly once some bugs are sorted out I am sure we will see this implemented in World of Warcraft. However, it seems that all the focus has been on the RMAH and not really on the problems at hand. Bots and hackers were allowed free reign the first week or two before warden was even turned on. The economy in that time tanked, things were priced outrageously. So people rushed to farm and try to acquire the items necessary to advance in Inferno, only to be hit with this error. If this is intended, this game is truly done. Please tell us this is a bug, and not a permanent addition.

I cant even accomplish achieves because i have to take a 15 min break for every 5 mins of trying to find a rare merchant...
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They have always intended a loot run shouldn't take place at a single part of the game. They want you to stay in the same game longer. That is why they gave you Nephalem Valor and decent drops from mobs and not only bosses.
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wow this is like getting all the players to stick there fingers in the hole the iceberg made ripping into the titanic
Thy boot go and get it rooted. What a way to feck up a good game from someone who has been through all of the variations of it. This has come about just because you mongrels are greedy greedy little pigs that wont take your snouts from the trough.
how about this instead of limiting people who are more then likely trying to farm gear
fix your game first

and with you stupid o we are going to bump repair cost x4 or x6 times is stupid GOLD drops in inferno are stupid ill get 40K to drop but repairs from normal die-ing and trying to keep going on your game are going to be 100k

im not really good with math but i think im getting the shaft on that one
So what that means i cant farm? I have to just eat !@#$ with my barb in inferno! Money back please
this game is officially stupid now
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wow, so you really don't want people gold farming? wow. We must spend real money on your stupid auction house. I see where this is going and it's not good.
06/12/2012 06:23 PMPosted by Amose

duh hello bic boi
Why does the Diablo animation look so dumb? He looks like a girl and from one of the Alien movies. What happened to the big scary Lord of Terror that we saw in Diablo, and Diablo II? Bring that guy back
I blame weapons of mass destruction for this....
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06/12/2012 06:32 PMPosted by Mâximus

It was an independent change made outside of patch 1.0.2c.


I appreciate the quick response. Any plan in motion to include a counter of some type so players can monitor/maintain their amount of games allowed. I assume it would be similar to WoW dungeon resetting?

lol, quick?

I don't consider coming out with the truth 7 hours after the fact + having the tech guys lie about it "quick" response.
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Keep this change permanent please.

Recreating and farming the same 1-3 minutes of content is a retarded thing for players to do. I've been spam farming Inferno Iskatu and I'm glad this is stopping me.... (I'd have stopped myself if it didnt work so well!)
Does this apply for the games i joined and quit right afterwards ?
a lot of those public games start way back where i left of as a single player, so i just leave and join again another game that's further down or close to where i was, will this affect that too ?
Lets limit farming in a game about farming. If an area I want to farm doesn't spawn I am going to keep reloading until I get it. WOOOO. looks like that plan is out the window.
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Cool, Blizzard. Good job.

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