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Game Creation Limit- Updated

wow just hope this doesnt cripple my shmeegle farming!
So, From what I'm seeing, You've made a game, that limits the amount of times we can start a game, but yet you require us to farm to get the gold, to buy the loot we need to get one act further and then do it all again?

This really sounds like you guys are trying to milk the "Real money AH" and force us to either farm for 5 minutes, then wait 15-20, and repeat, or simply put 20 bucks into the game every time we need to progress.

But that's probably not it. This game is quickly going down the drain for me and most of my friends. Considering the fact that inferno is almost impossible to play with your friends, making this "multiplayer" game a waste of time. And even for single player, its the same. Now your making it worse. Congrats!

Hope it gets fixed.
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This is great news. Perhaps it will encourage people to actually play the game as it was intended rather than relying on cheese like breaking vases or getting treasure goblins to spawn in order to get money.

My only disappointment is that I won't be able to sell all of my otherwise useless gold find items off to these people anymore.
Yeah it sucks, the people who suffer the most from this are the legit farmers who do fast runs for chests/goblins/ miniboss. No its not effecting the bots, if you say that then you obviously know nothing about bots because bots always adapt....you slowed them down for a day and the majority of the bots that clear out everything and do longer runs wont be effected at all. Looks like you're going to adapt as well, not like those players who already do longer runs like get 5 stacks then go to boss or w/e.

I believe that they did it for the servers stability...
What constitutes as a game creation? do you mean creating a character? or just leaving a game to do ah and resuming game, back and forth? what is the limit/timePeriod?
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I'm just going to leave this game until expansion/glitch-free-somewhat/no more Blizzard BS.
Getcha heads outcha butts and fix what needs fixin'. Stop killing things that make people happy.
Case in point: Smoke Screen.
Case in point: Input Limit.
Case in point: Non-laggy gameplay.
I still don't see why people are complaining unless they're doing < 3 minute runs or something. You really shouldn't be either way...

Though I would like a number on games/hour or really the threshold like it was in D2.
What gives you the right to tell a person how they should play as long as they are not abusing bugs/modifying the game?
It's a ten minute delay - holy balls chill. You can go to a different map if you want to farm items.
Sweet, you're nerfing the gold farming but no answer to the complete luck sack based economy that exists currently. Pumped.
Will this apply only as a individual penalty

We've recently added a limit to the number of games a player can create within a certain amount of time. Players who hit this limit will see the error: "Input limit reached. Please wait to perform more actions." After receiving this error, you will need to wait approximately 10 to 15 minutes before creating any additional games.

This change was made to help reduce server strain and improve overall game stability, and we'll continue to monitor the situation and make additional improvements as necessary. We're currently working to find a solution that allows most players who are playing normally to create games without encountering this error, but will still limit some of the more extreme cases of rapid game creation. We appreciate your patience as we make these adjustments.

Thank you!

Will this apply only as a individual penalty or will it include some form of a accumulative group check property, or a internal cool down window before your limit refreshes say like 24 hours that performs a group or game member check based upon our BattleTag's and takes game jumping into considerations otherwise a group of 4-8 players may be able to avoid this penalty altogether simply by alternating turns creating games to exploit the mechanisms of this system.
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So change the drops so we're not having to rely on the AH for good gear, but now limit our game play as well. Looks like it's back to the AH then huh? Cause realistically with the crap that drops for me, it's gonna take me a very long time to get the gear just to be able to start act 2 of inferno.
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So now i can only farm so many crapy items that wont help me in inferno.
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Waste of my 60 bucks.... and it hasn't even been out a whole month.
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Seriously... Diablo 3 is getting more boring and boring every day to play.
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Every patch i feel less like iam playing the game the way i enjoy and more like iam playing like blizz feels i should play.
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wow blizzard thats a sad excuse. A billion dollar company and a game 10 years in the making and you cant handle your own servers.

Ive been playing your games for 18 years and im just about to give up.
What about joining public games where everyone is afk, I have to be punished for this?
Hopefully you (Blizzard) are wise enough to make other aspects more rewarding. Such as Mf, Valor buffs and drops. Otherwise you are making this game way too dull and slow to keep most players attentions.
whoa whoa what

so you using the same stuff as d2

it dont even work

this is turning into a circus

go bigtop

whats the limit btw?

anyone anyone
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