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Game Creation Limit- Updated

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So glad I didn't buy this game - oh wait I did the one year sub to get it free. these are the new features you have to look forward too.

Nerfing the stuff that's actually good until no one can beat anything anymore COMING SOON,

don't design a logical loot system with limiters on what can have what prefixes and suffixes on it, IE class specific gear that has nothing good for that class, level 60 required items (yup inferno drops) with normal mode amounts of stats yeh that 500th hand crossbow that dropped that was required level 60 and 260 DPS really bliz? really? CHECK

make an auction house so people can sell the good stuff if it drops CHECK o wait right, so now all I have to do is sit around killing and grinding the same old mobs and if nothing drops yay I can just go buy all my set items in the auctions house whoot

really? this game had so much potential its to bad it drained down the bottom of the money bin

5 refurbished Diablo 2 classes..... now with gender selection! that makes it ten right gais ??! right?

need i continue? honestly at this point every franchise you have has gone downhill, sorry to say it I loved you blizzard and this is what I get for my love....... I want a divorce
I completely support this limit, and hope it remains.

To those complaining, one word: Whimsyshire.
I still don't see why people are complaining unless they're doing < 3 minute runs or something. You really shouldn't be either way...

Though I would like a number on games/hour or really the threshold like it was in D2.
What gives you the right to tell a person how they should play as long as they are not abusing bugs/modifying the game?

The only runs that are that short are stuff like Iskatu or vases. This will legitimately affect those who get terrible spawns in some areas making them nearly impassable. Most other runs are not short especially when you want to farm your 5 stacks of valor then kill things or even clearing a full floor of a dungeon will take longer.
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This is great news. Perhaps it will encourage people to actually play the game as it was intended rather than relying on cheese like breaking vases or getting treasure goblins to spawn in order to get money.

My only disappointment is that I won't be able to sell all of my otherwise useless gold find items off to these people anymore.

Like the way the game is designed which forces you to reset the games a million times to spawn certain dungeons for Achievements?
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We've recently added a limit to the number of games a player can create within a certain amount of time. Players who hit this limit will see the error: "Input limit reached. Please wait to perform more actions." After receiving this error, you will need to wait approximately 10 to 15 minutes before creating any additional games.

This change was made to help reduce server strain and improve overall game stability, and we'll continue to monitor the situation and make additional improvements as necessary. We're currently working to find a solution that allows most players who are playing normally to create games without encountering this error, but will still limit some of the more extreme cases of rapid game creation. We appreciate your patience as we make these adjustments.

Thank you!

Give a better benefit to not farm single bosses like Iskatu, chests like A3 Resplendant, Pygmys like act 1, and static mobs like Sarkoth.

NV has too high of a chance of being lost, MF gear is too unsafe to wear, GF gear is too unsafe to wear.

Offer a method to reset at a previous checkpoint.
Offer a method to access the entire game rather than specific acts.
Offer a method to make significant amounts of gold over long periods of time.

People want instant items, instant gold, etc etc. Explain to them how to do better than that and this won't be a problem.

Preventing people who have to farm the way YOU MADE US from playing the game, is stupid. Stop being stupid blizzard.
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I'm assuming this was made to stop the botters from being able to farm certain spots at abnormal rates. I personally think since no human can farm at the rate of a bot, that most of us shouldn't have any issues. The limit could probably be something like 20 logins within 5 minutes (which is something that I don't think much of us would have a problem with).

If people do have issues with this limit then all they have to do is just spend a little bit more time in a game before logging out and repeating..right?

For something like farm locations that don't spawn all the time, I'm not too sure how it would work but in my opinion if you have to spend that much time leaving a game and coming back in, then its not consistent enough to be a good farming location.

I think its a decent fix and a good solution for botters.
Stupid solution Bliz.
they need to fix the magic find and !@#$ cuz i see no difference from running with 200%+ MF then 0% MF...how bout you make ur game legit from the beginning so it doesnt cause people to have to cheat to acquire decent gear
also prevents people from leaving games quickly. in a way.
I can only imagine the implications this will have on PvP. Only being able to do a few matches before getting realmed and having to wait again.
This wont matter in the next patch anyway, then you have a 100% chance to loot a rare from every champion, rare (And unique?) if you got 5 stacks of the Neph buff. This means each run whilst farming will go on as long as possible anyway. This is just directing people to play the game it's meant to be played.
Does blizzard even think about these changes before making them, or even slightly consider the consequences? Why would you do this NOW after you nerfed EVERY loot run in the entire game? This could have been a solution to the problems weeks ago, instead you chose to nerf things like the vases in act1 (which by itself, seemed like a half decent idea to stop the bots) but now, with this change, just becomes completely meaningless.

The fact that you never proposed this change to the community, and then give us half the details after it's been implemented is beyond unreasonable. You can't even give us a straight answer on how many games we can create before being locked out? Really?

Diablo has always been about loot, and not only have you completely ruined itemization, you've lowered drop rates to the point that the average player can't possibly get excited to see that "next big drop." 200+ hrs in, I haven't seen a single Legendary drop. Now you expect us to run entire acts blowing through tons of garbage over and over, with the hopes of maybe some crate is going to give us an upgrade? Come on... Loot runs are what this genre is built on, we don't need to play the "story-line" (as piss poor as it is) hundreds of times, we get the idea after a couple times through it, now we want to better ourselves and blow stuff up faster. Such a simple concept lost on such a money grubbing company, you guys make EA look like they cater to their fans... congrats.
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This is your insane solution to botting? You're punishing everyone?

A VERY small price to pay in my opinion.

Stop whining.
The game design begs you to farm for items, especially if you want to survive in inferno and or hardcore. The design suggests that you not only embraced the idea of farming but actually assumed it during the decisions on difficulty levels. You already provide a loot roll mechanic that delivers nearly completely worthless yields and when players find ways to improve the process you nerf them... I've been down for most everything you guys are doing, but this change in mechanics and obvious ties to the RMAH are not cool.

If we can't farm the items in efficient ways and we don't want to spend real money there are only two options left. Run through the game over and over and over (even more...) or play low end auction house simulator for weeks on end to trade relatively poor loot for gold to buy useful items.

D3's re-playability doesn't lay within limits, it is in the combination of reasonable freedoms and daunting challenges.

2 cents.
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Nice.. from increasing the repair fees and now to this...

I mean seriously wouldn't Blizzard know whether we are botting or farming like a human..

It is easy to detect a 24 hours bot.. But I wouldn't think anyone here in majority would farm 7 hours in a row looking at the same thing over and over again every 2 minutes.. this is stupid..

It's practically a competition of who has more cash in their credit cards instead of pure skills and knowledge about the game
I'm sure its if you create like 10 games in 10 minutes or something stupid. Don't freak out, it will most likely NEVER affect you.
I completely support this limit, and hope it remains.

To those complaining, one word: Whimsyshire.
And that is some contradictory right there...

Do you not realize the items required to open it requires you to CONSTANTLY RELOAD the game until you get the dungeon/event to spawn and even then the item is not assured.
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