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The amazing part to me is the repeated mistakes the company is making in communication, and using their production servers as the test bed for quick rash decisions like this. Seriously Blizz, you can only say "oops we're sorry" so many times.
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This is a horrible change. Farming items is an essential part of D3, isn't it? There's not much other to do than farming items. Now you are limiting everyone's ability to farm items. What are we supposed to do instead of farming items as you seem to dislike it if people doing it?

I was with you all the time and didn't posted any whine thread about the bots, exploits, server downs, crappy loot tables and so on. But it's really enough now!
Your servers can't handle all your customers playing the game and your solution really is punishing your customers by restricting their gameplay? And please don't say you aren't punishing us. Yes you are!
What about improving your servers? That would be a good customer service. But instead of such an obvious solution, you rather choose to !@#$ on your customers.

I honestly don't get why you are ruining your own game.

^^^^^^^^^^ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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06/12/2012 08:46 PMPosted by Bashiok
As stated in the sticky (and which we'd appreciate you keeping your posts to) we're evaluating the right point to set it where people can create games at a reasonable rate and not get dinged. We'd appreciate feedback/recommendations on what you feel would be appropriate.

Seems the vast majority of your player base feels that the right point is to set it back to how it was yesterday. I agree with them.

If this was done to prevent botting, find a better way. If it was done to lighten server load, spend some of the small fortune that's been made off this game on upgrading the servers.
I've ALWAYS been a huge fan of Blizzard since their beginning.

Especially the Diablo series. I've played D1 and D2 for YEARS.

Then I bought D3, after all those years of waiting.

It was fun. Then the servers crashes, AH locks outs, server huge lag spikes, 8 hours patches. Ok give them a chance it will get better someday. It's Blizzard, they awesome.

Then after 1 month, they come up with this complete TRASH fix.

Okay give them a chance the RMAH may be okay... Oh wait I gotta buy a cellphone to cash out money with PayPal... ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Everything that I was expecting to be fun in this game isn't. Plus they remove more with patches...

Blizzard FELL OFF. I will never look at this company the same ever.
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Guys guys guys. Don't you see? Blizzard wants us to farm the elites and rares! I mean isn't fun dying 30 times to kill one elite and paying 10k in repairs bills multiple times in one fight?

Isn't it fun to have the elites and rares enrage and then heal back to full hp because it takes use more than half a minute just to respawn?

Isn't it a great idea to make the repair costs 4-6 times more before we actually even nerf the impossible elites and rares?

Isn't it a good thing that blizzard removed the only methods of obtaining gear to deal with these elites without using the auction house?
I just can't play the game I bought the way I want to. That's what bothers me.
This has to go. I rather play a laggy game over sitting around for 10 minutes staring at the auction house looking at how poor I am.
I play hardcore and Im happy Blizz is doing something to remove those dreaded 10 second lag spikes. GJ Blizz. xDD
06/12/2012 09:49 PMPosted by Applesoup
id like my refund now please

im now absolutely dissatisfied with this game, can i get a refund too?
It's been a month now and Blizzard gave us a game that was enjoyable but only to a point while it worked. Through this time frame, the community is bugged with both hardware, software and constant technical errors from Blizzard. Despite these circumstances, the community has been very tolerant on Blizzard's short comings.

Recently, the worst part came to us all in the form of "Game Limit Creation" wherein a player is limited from creating games and is given a 10-15 minute time before he can resume creating a new game. Although Blizzard may have reasons to implement this policy, I think and believe that this violates our RIGHT to PLAY.

Furthermore, the reason why Blizzard sees to implement this is that creating games puts a "continuous amount of strain to their servers" which I find unreasonable given the fact that server allocation and resources is all part of a business plan that Blizzard should have responsibly considered before deploying or selling Diablo 3.

In this regard, I think that we as a community should start to file a class action lawsuit to defend our right to play whenever we want. We should not be limited by playing a game that WE PURCHASED.

We as consumers bought Diablo 3 in the hopes that we would enjoy the game, all within good faith that Blizzard will perform to at least the minimum expectation even to an extent that we have given our maximum tolerance to Blizzard's shortcomings. Despite all of these, I think and believe that we are not getting the product that we paid; specifically through this "Game Creation Limit" policy.

06/12/2012 06:20 PMPosted by Lylirra
This change was made to help reduce server strain and improve overall game stability

If this is the case why can't I join a friend's existing game? I gotta give you clowns credit you really are thinking of every possible way to annoy your customers.
LOL a funny side story.

So today I killed Diablo on infero level, guess what the reward of tough task??

Achievement + 4 blue items. I put on 200% MF gear also. The 4 blue items were sub level 60 and total crap. The other 2 members in my party also got sub 60 blues. Yes so to tell us to go thru and do the whole thing is a complete waste of time. It is best to farm gold senselessly. That is the End game! Now.... well you can read the earlier 90 pages to see how I feel.
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Everything about this game just seems to be done lazily. I have no idea how that's possible after 12 years of time, but it's true. This is just another lazy solution.

Truthfully, after a few weeks of fan-boying, I'm kind of glad this happened, because in all of this time that I've been waiting to be able to make a game, so that I have a small chance of farming some gear to make me improve my character in a FAIR WAY (an encouraged way even in Diablo 2,) I have realized how actually bad this game is. It's taken out all of the fun components of the Diablo series.

And no matter how much you love Blizzard, you can't deny that this is simply another way to focus more players to the RMAH (which I believe to be an abomination to any online game with players who actually like to get better through legitimate means.)

Customer lost.
Would someone create a new forum. It would be nice to see how many people think the GAME CREATION LIMIT should go away for good.
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