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Bump for a Lag/Latency Solution

I personally havent been having lag issues since the last patch but a lot of people have so I took the liberty of collecting more than a few unanswered threads.


I'm sure thats not all of them, just the most recent, but from the looks of things theres just too many people with more than capable systems who are only having problems running D3 for there not to be some kind of problem here. That said, if anyone else wants a solution, post up below.
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It's not a definite solution, but I think I have an idea of what's causing the problems.

I've been having lag problems since patch 1.02 came out. Before, it was perfectly fine. Since then, my conn goes from green to red all the time, I rubberband, etc. It's been unplayable.

Yesterday, though, I read a post by someone (forgot the name, credit goes to him/her) that tracked their ping while having the game in full screen mode vs. windowed. Long story short - whenever Diablo 3 is not the focus (like you alt tab), the ping is fine. When it's the focus, the ping gets destroyed.

I tried windowed mode. I can actually play to a certain degree with it. There is still some lag, but it's not *nearly* as bad as it was. I think it's just the normal server lag.

What's the underlying cause then? In patch 1.02, I read that they introduced Warden, the exploit-check thing. I'm pretty sure that's a big part of the problem. Obviously not everyone has had the severe lag problems since 1.02, so I think it's Warden + something else.
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The game ran smooth for me on my Laptop with a Quadro 2000M, but after the patch yesterday, 1.02c have the been a slideshow :( please fix blizzard the game is currently unplayable!
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06/13/2012 10:05 AMPosted by Mendhi
I tried windowed mode. I can actually play to a certain degree with it. There is still some lag, but it's not *nearly* as bad as it was. I think it's just the normal server lag.

Tired this but it didn't work. Actually made things worse.

Good thread though. Hopefully we get a response.
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recorded a brief video of what it looks like when a player is affected by this issue:


Mute it first XD

It just shows a buddy of mine having issues just running around in town, he can however, run more graphically demanding games just fine.
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Even verification that there is some kind of problem here would be nice.
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Also experiencing unplayable lag since the last patch. had no problems at all for the first 2 weeks or so until they released a patch and since its been progressively getting worse to the point now that I cant even play the game due to lag. Have a brand new setup no problems with any other games/internet service.. no idea what the problem is.
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hallelujah \o/

verification that there is in fact an issue

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LOL I cant play ATM. So much lag, character doesn't cast spells, when I move my companions don't follow, takes about 10 or more secs to sell anything, etc.

Wonderful! :D
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