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Tome of secret pricing

Hi Am I correct in thinking tome of secret prices will rise when the new jewelcrafting prices arrive? I have invested all my gold in this. Hopeing for it to atleast double? What do you guys think?
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and why would it rise?
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dude if you spent more than 350 a tomb u just sunk all your gold into @#$!%. btw the tomb of secrets price will only drop-- it will never rise-- well not till everyone decides to craft items anyway
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The patch changes have likely already been priced into the current cost. I wouln't expect them to double from this point.
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I don't think the price will double due to the gem changes, but it will continue to rise in the mean time with people trying to craft for the RMAH.

With the Inferno patch also coming in that same patch, you can expect more ToS to be up for sale, as more people will actually be farming Inferno rather than not playing.

In short, if you see the opportunity to sell before the patch and make a nice profit, no sense in not doing it. If they really nerf inferno, you can expect the prices to drop a lot more.
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i have no idea hw many you bought-- but if i were u, i'll get rid of it asap-- go invest in something else. imagine this-- by now, many have hit inferno-- and tombs drops non stop.
In time, more people will hit inferno meaning more tombs will drop so why would the price go up, it shd in fact go down. before comodities were up again, it was abt 500 than 350-- now some actually sold them away for 250 so i wouldnt bet on 500 again..

btw the jewelcrafting prices are supposed to change ONLY for SQUARE GEMS AND BELOW-- something which no one wants anymore, even flawless gems are dropping to 1-3k now so why bother with useless gems. even lets say a guy just bought the game-- he can easily afford flawless gems- anything below is probably dead.
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tomb of secrets went up in price its at 1942 gold 2/16/13 3:00pm
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i wish i would have bought into these a long time ago around 10,000 or more. than i could have bought Flawless Square Gems and made Radiant Star Gems and hold onto them until the market was booming like it is now were talking of 10-20 million in profit maybe more depending on how much you bought into.
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