Diablo® III

Right click to equip needs to be optional

How many of you have lost gear from accidently right clicking somthing in inventory and equipped it and before u could realize it sold or crafted down your good gear that you were using? this has happened to me 3 times now and the last time was some very good wiz gloves that I found myself worth alot at least 1-2 million gold. We have to right click to Id so this could happen very often. I know I shoulda payed more attention but I should not have to check my gear on character everytime I come to town to sell/craft items. Gear should have to be manually put into the slot by dragging it there not just right clicking it when we need to right click to id and also the chance of lag spiking and doing the same thing. needs to change to a shift right click at least or be optional in the interface or just plain removed I havent once used the feature of right clicking to equip an item, on the habbit of if u were in yer stash and right click it goes to stash so i have always just manually put gear on my gear slots for characters. I am upset but hope this doesnt sound like a rant as this is a very legitimate problem for almost all my friends as well and I am sure many others have done this on accident too.
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wow, No replies to this?

Come on. With the faster ID speed in 1.05 this is even a bigger problem.

Give us an option!
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If you accidentally sell your item to an npc, you can buy it back from the "buyback tab". It should be on the very bottom on the list of tabs opened when you talk to the npc.
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