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Problems linking paypal and battle.net


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So for the past 3 days i've been actively trying to set up and link my paypal account with my existing savings bank account. I was successful (accepted and confirmed, not just requested). Paypal and my bank account are linked, and i can transfer funds between the two.

When i go to link my battle.net to my paypal account, i am sent to paypal.com and asked to log in. After logging in i am asked to register a credit card. I don't have a credit card. That's why i set up paypal and linked it to my bank account instead of a credit card to begin with.

Do i NEED a credit card to link paypal to battle.net? Why isn't my bank account sufficient?

It says in order to use paypal to buy or receive item proceeds you need to sign up for the SMS Protect, which i did a month or so ago. It says nothing about needing to have a credit card. The only thing it says that is actually required to link paypal and battle.net is SMS Protect. It even says a credit card is optional, and only required when purchasing items. (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/game/guide/items/auction-house#payment-methods) So why is it required just to link battle.net and paypal accounts?

Many people are wondering the same thing, and there is no info about this in the FAQ or the original blog post about RMAH being available.

A blizzard response would be greatly appreciated.
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I would really like to know about this also. My paypal account is verified and linked to my bank account. I do NOT want my visa linked in any way with my diablo account as I just want to use the RMAH to sell items. Why is it asking me for a credit card? It doesnt make sense.
...so you're telling me the process that I am currently going through won't do squat?

I've been defending Blizzard for their "series of unfortunate events". But seriously, get your shizz together and teach your customers what to do. And don't say "It was in the T&S".

You have 30% adults and 70% kids without credit cards. Probably 40% of those have parents also without credit cards.

And you really know it's bad when someone tries to purchase an item and get's banned.
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Go talk to paypal about this, its not blizzards fault.

Paypal has ALWAYS needed a credit/debit/vista/master card for this type of transaction.
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So why is it so much trouble for bliz to just tell us that then? Would it really be that bad to post a thread saying that paypal requiring a credit card to link with your battle.net is out of their control?

Or even to include that under the requirements to link paypal and battle.net? All it says is required is SMS Protect, they forgot to mention a valid credit card. Would literally take 2 minutes to go through and edit their posts to include this.
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Why should you need a CC to link a paypal account to battle.net ?

If I wanted to add a CC I woulda just done it thru battle.net..............

Is not asking to link a CC in order to link paypal (paypal itself requires to have a CC linked in order to be used) is asking you to link a CC to Battle.net in case you prefer to do the transaction directly to battle.net

The problem I have, is that I'm not getting the SMS Protect Authentication code, any one had or has the same problem ?
In the Netherlands PayPal no longer requires a creditcard, however i still cant set up my account because its still asking for a creditcard... :/
same problem here and i live in the netherlands so why is it still a problem to set up my account without a credit card... i dont have a credit card and i am not eligible to get one and even if i whas i wouldnt get one just for a game . but in this way i cant play the game for the full 100% or blizzard should make it so that i can send money from my battle net account to my bank or skip the credit card linking when for some country's its not neccesary to have it on a paypal account..

My friend and I could even play the game for a day! Since I bought it during noon, and sadly, 12 hours later Blizzard said that they terminated the game as my paypal did not go through!

Ive checked my account and in fact my money DID get DEDUCTED!

Need a good explanation and follow on this issue...

I thought this would have been sorted out earlier since Starcraft II was launched :(


I also would like to know why my verified bank account has insufficiency issues. also why would you use pay pal if forced to a Credit card........I'd just pick the CC from the list! what's wrong here fix this issue
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Yes - you must have a Credit Card associated to your PayPal account to make payments or receive funds on Battle.net. We've just updated our FAQ to ensure this is clearly stated: http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/paypal-faq#q1
Is anything going to change? It's total fail. In my country it is not easy to get credit card while not having stable job.
Really? You coudn't have stated that at the release of the RMAH? I live in the Netherlands and it's not easy (or cheap, for that matter! It costs more on a yearly basis to own one than i can see myself making from the MRAH!) to get a credit card. In fact, I don't even WANT one for just a single game! Honestly, Blizzard, I think this a MAJOR screwup on your side...
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I have a card linked to my battlenet account. I have a card linked to my paypal account. I also have funds on my paypal account.

I also have the phone protection-

Yet I can't get this to work. Help!
I dont get it.

Why tell us now and not on beforehand? Most of your players are people who have no acces to credit card. Why make it a requirement?
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Creating a Battle.net account requires you to be an adult as per the TOU and most adults have a credit card or the ability to get one. Additionally, it is in the FAQs for PayPal set up. Not sure what else they can do besides that.
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