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AUD RMAH Convert to USD?

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So i just put 50 bucks into my account... blissfully unaware that there is 2 seperate RMAH -

How do i convert my 50 AUD into 50USD so i can buy from the larger market with more variety, thanks
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Same problem here.

Want to change my AUD to USD
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aud rmah sucks
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Not possible, unless you wait for gold to open (considering the !@#$ state of the game currently, this will happen later rather than sooner) and buy gold, then resell it for USD at a probable loss after tax.

I think the problem is not that they didn't communicate that there's an auction house per currency (they did, you probably should have read that), but the default in game for Australians is USD, and the My Account default is in AUD. Taking the link from in game where it is in USD to the payment stage in AUD probably should be more clear that is not only charging you in AUD but adding balance in AUD.

I can imagine this will lead to some confusion.

And the justification from Blizzard is that it saves you from having to pay a currency conversion fee, which it is silly considering they don't at least have the option. It's more likely that it's just easier and therefore cheaper for them not to offer it.
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How do you even access the AUD rmah?

Mine defaulted to USD for some reason (which is fine I guess) but I can't even see any option for AUD
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I managed to get things to work, but only if you added AUD funds and never used it.

This is what I did.

Used Skype

Googled Australian Blizzard support number. found the 1800 number

Called it using skype - Free calls work

Wait was about 45 mins - 1 hour so using my headset and playing d3 made the time go much quicker.

Asked for a refund because I did not know that the AUD and USD RMAH is not linked.

Refund is now processing. (This can take up to 10 days for them to process, and up to 20 days for our bank to process as stated by blizzard support)

I re-deposited USD via the battle.net website....

You have to pay a conversion fee, but meh, it's better than using the AUD RMAH.

Hope this helps!

For all the peeps lazy to find the blizzard support number, here it is.

Hours: 18:30 - 14:00 AEST, 7 days a week

Hours: 20:30 - 16:00 NZST, 7 days a week

New Zealand

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Thanks for your help mate. Just did the same thing now :) Blizzard was more then happy to help.
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the AUD RMAH is a joke there are virtually no items on it anyway, blizzard just needs to default to the USD RMAH and charge aussies in USD... This whole thing has frustrated me to no end and I am at the point where if I cant use the feature within the next 2 days (im serious thats how fed up I am with blizzard) in the real RMAH I will just /uninstall the game and make my case to blizzard for a complete refund of all funds spent purchasing, selling what crappy $4 items I did on the USD RMAH and a refund of my funds added to use the feature. I urge and encourage anyone else that thinks having SEA /ANZ players connect and play with people from another region and then be excluded from the games market because we happen not to live in the same place is pure arrogance and ignorance and do the same. When it comes to economics and economies of scale, perhaps go hire a 20 something year old economics graduate to explain to you that the AUD RMAH users will all be getting screwed, less variety, higher prices on items due to lower supply/players farming... its common sense really, but yes not everyone has a major in economics and can have such foresight, which I presume is blizzards excuse.
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furthermore we play with people from the US why should they run around with $5 USD legendaries which are equivalent to $250 AUD legendaries ... smells to me like they did'nt think about this at all.
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Agreed AUD auction house is a joke.
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Why don't you guys just use your credit cards? I have both my CC and Paypal linked up, which is ironically linked to my CC ... I never even knew there was an Aussie RMAH ... I went on there and there are some deals to be had, some things are cheaper than the US AH, but yeah, as a majority, things are a bit more expensive and you have less of a player base to sell to.

And btw, I bought a SEA copy of D3 CE, and have an AU Blizz account and I defaulted to the American RMAH.
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