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Hardcore PVP, Insane or Brilliant?

See, I had this idea about a week ago, but on a bigger scale. I'm a huge Spartacus fan, and I would enjoy nothing more than to see an Arena style of set up. You battle your way up through the ranks in a ladder system. Could you imagine the rush of being the top dog, knowing you killed everybody who ever stood in your way? You ENDED characters and collected their skulls the entire way up. It would be brutal, and it would be fierce. Nobody would take it lightly, as they would have to play each character knowing that this was a possible fate.

And even then they could split the brackets. Make a recreational bracket for people to go train in. I guarantee it would be a big hit, and it would really boost interest in the game for those of those that really do deem themselves hardcore. It would also more than likely draw interest from the outside and mark my words, it would have a heavier following on the E-games circuit than Starcraft could ever hope to achieve. Payperview Diablo? Why, yes. YES!
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This isn't a new idea... I used to have fights like this in D2HC all the time... back when you could actually allow people to loot your corpse, and take their ears.
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I support this idea.

As long as it is an optional activity, I see no reason to leave it out.
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There is a problem with this idea, classes aren't balanced a Demon Hunter in blues would *!@@ most classes in seconds, the only risk for this player would be a lvl60 DH not the gear itself which seams to be the focus...
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Another idea to tack on. As a trophy you collect their banner at the conclusion of the match. Could you imagine seeing your next competitor's profile and having to scroll down the list of banner's they have collected? Awesome stuff.

As for the imbalance. Ok, fine. Deliver an option like CoD for searching for matches for those who don't like the challenge of increasingly difficult odds. Make a setting so that you face only players of the same class. Problem solved for that group. Then another problem will come up where one build will become popular, and overused, and people will claim it is OP and there will be no diversity. Somebody will always be unhappy about certain aspects of PVP. It's how we overcome those odds, and devise methods of combating those odds that make the gametype worth playing to begin with. Of course there will be tweaks and balances on down the line. I just think this new level of competition would be outstanding if it had the official backing of blizzard.
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Then I hexed you into a chicken

And your tears gave me nourishment
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I would love to see a system that would allow players to make their own terms pre-duel (including best ofs). Just lose the character and no gear? Lose character and all gear? Don't lose anything? etc. etc.
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At the current game state I don't think its worth it.

Levelling a char to 60 takes way too long and is INCREDIBLY boring. Thus making the game extremely boring just to get to compete in this sort of pvp.

I don't mind having it there, but it will ruin a lot of fun for ppl. Whats the point of lvling a char to 60 (which takes like a week?) for one frigging small fight to loose it all.
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Top two players in the world...ready to do battle for the D3 Hardcore PVP Arena Championship....180,000 people watching...





SUDDENLY: "There was an Error" (Error 3007)

Both dead, both drop all gear......

Bashiok: "We are currently looking into the issue of Error 3007 that caused the server to fail at the most inconvenient time. This should only take until 2023 to figure out, please do not get upset."
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+1 this would be awesome!

06/15/2012 06:19 AMPosted by Krillin
As a trophy you collect their banner at the conclusion of the match. Could you imagine seeing your next competitor's profile and having to scroll down the list of banner's they have collected? Awesome stuff.

Also the banner idea adds to the glory!
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I'd like to see this option, but have to agree getting all of the loser's stuff is overboard, the HC economy is only functional because things can be lost. ~1/4 of their gear as loot is still a pretty sweet reward. It'd have either be winner's choice, or a proportion of equipment >ilvl 55 to prevent the loser swapping to junk items if death is imminent.

It's possibly a gold sink too, HC badly needs one before gold accumulates to the point of being worthless. Maybe have the spectators pay gold to watch? Not sure how that'd work out honestly, could make the gladiators pay but the stakes are already high enough as it is.

I still think it'll be a little insane and don't know how often I'd do it, the releveling process is going to a hell of a tiresome grind if you have a bad day and lose 3 of your PVP chars.
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Stupid Idea. Like in WoW like in every game there are some classes that are excellent in 1v1 and some others that are excellent in team game.You can't go blind pvp like that and more even with what you are proposing.
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I'm not a PvP-er by any stretch but I have to say this isn't a bad idea at all for HC.

One thought: give the victorious player the option to finish off the opponent or let him live! Would probably have to give some incentive for being merciful though.
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Awesome idea! I'm looking forward to hardcore pvp even without loot drop, but yeah, that would make it WAY better.
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Would totally love to see this. I loved HC PvP in D2.

The idea of getting all their loot totally makes the risk worth it. I also like the idea of getting their banner just like D2/D1 with the ears(Though the ears are cooler).

Having HC PvP with the option to not loose your char/gear would be good.

I also like the idea for an option in SC to drop 1 random item if its agreed on.

Dont let us down blizz :(
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This idea is awesome and all the con arguments are moot.

Economy: not important, items are removed from people dying in PvE, adding PVP function won't change anything at all THINK ABOUT IT

Some classes are better pvp: so don't play PVE class if you want to PVP. If dueling is optional this changes nothing for team pve players, just don't PVP, just like you are doing now

Item swapping if you are about to die: you still lose all your items unless you run back to your stash. Plus you should get all your opponents inventory items anyway if this is implemented.

I'd be for this as long as it is OPTIONAL, if they ever add something where you can log into someone's game, activate your pvp flag then go after someone, I will simply quit the game. But an option to duel and at high stakes would be great.
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It sounds like the craziest idea ever, because you would think no one in hell will have guts for it. But its not about the guts, its about the REWARD.

What reward would compensate the risk?
Simple answer: You take opponents gear. All the gear opponent was wearing in the duel.

The more I think about it, the more im leaning towards brilliance instead of insanity. Why?
1) Then you get opponents gear, you get yourself opponents character.
Example: You kill opponents Demon Hunter with you Monk, now you have fully functional Demon Hunters gear set, now all you need is level 60 DH to put this gear on.
2) Killing better geared opponent gets you a better gear, more money, justifing all the risk. Killing worse geared opponent, lessens the risk, and the reward. Both opponents (lower gear and upper geared) reach equilibrium in "risk vs reward".
3) Last and the most important point is the THRILL, imagine what this matches is going to be like, i bet my pants (ilvl 63) tens of thousands of people watching live streaming of some top geared players, it would be the awesomness in its fullest.

Please comment on this, what pros and cons you see in this idea, or just your thoughts on this conception. Do you want it?

Fantastic idea!!! Now to figure out why it was removed from D3 in the first place, since it was totally already done in Diablo 2
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A 1v1 lvl 60 Hardcore Duel would be one hell of an event to watch. I would love to do it myself as well.

Blizzard please make this happen!
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