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The gear does drop. You're being impatient

06/15/2012 03:13 AMPosted by Vaidency
I spent less than a million gold gearing up my monk to clear Act 2 Inferno

06/15/2012 03:13 AMPosted by Vaidency
bought a couple of cheap pieces to fill in gaps where I hadn't gotten quality drops

nuff said used auction house to fill gaps.

I lol'd with a frowny face at the same time but inside my head cuzz the comment was stupid at the same time it was laughable.

How is that "nuff said?" I bought a few pieces for 200k to 300k apiece. That amount of money is completely trivial to a level 60 character farming Act 1. My point was that you are not required to spend millions of gold at the auction house in order to do Act 2 because you absolutely can get the gear you need out of Act 1 farming.

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and then farmed the earlier parts of Act 2 until I got a suitable weapon to drop.

k so get this, you're in act 1 inferno all over again. Lets pick on your weapon a bit, you do 100+ games which includes butcher, some caves and some open map clearing. TONS of rares drop including 100's of weapons. Now would you please show me a 1 handed wepon that had over 350 dps (lets include sockets for flexibility) and some life on hit over 150. That's it, Im not gonna ask for crit damage or attack speed or dex or vit or anything like that just a 350 dps 1 handed weapon with a measly 150 life on hit and give or take a socket.

ooohh waaaaaiiit that's right you farmed vases and chests and kited regular mobs in 2's & 3's over and over again in act 2 because you couldn't kill elite packs or bosses is act 2 with your 240 dps weapon from act 1

Seriously? You think you can't find a 350 DPS weapon in Act 1 Inferno? No I am not going to show you such a weapon because I haven't kept any of them. Such a drop is completely unremarkable and if you think they don't even exist then I think you did maybe a half dozen Butcher runs before giving up and going to the auction house to pay a million gold for a blue from Act 3.

Here, I'll prove it to you:

The Act 1 grade fist weapon (item level 61) is the pulverizer, with an average base DPS of 184.5 and an attack speed of 1.4. The Act 1 grade elemental damage affixes, such as "of burning" adds an average of 136 to 265 damage. So an average pulverizer of burning from Act 1 Inferno does 146.25 physical and 200.75 fire damage every 1.4 seconds, for a DPS of 485.8.

Edit: A "perfect" (max value on every roll) blue socketed pulverizer of burning would would do 81 to 187 physical and 173 to 404 fire damage at 1.4 attack speed, for a DPS value of 591.

A rare pulverizer with a socket, and either a high roll elemental damage affix or an average roll damage affix plus an attack speed bonus will have an average DPS in the low to mid 500's, and I have found many weapons doing Butcher runs with roughly those stats.

And get this: if you go into Act 2 with a 520'ish DPS socketed weapon and a good baseline resist number from armor and jewelry you got while farming the Warden and Butcher, you don't need to spend an eternity breaking pots or kiting everything in Act 2. It'll be a bit slow until you find a mid-600's DPS weapon in Act 2 (also extremely possible) but you'll still be able to kill stuff until then. I know this is true because I did it.
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