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What stats should I have on weapon?

I just started inferno, I've been using a combination of Dex/Life Steal in the past and it worked well. But I've been seeing a lot of people suggesting LoH or Atk speed stats on weapons, any recommendations?
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well i use LoH and dex. it seems to work well.
at least around 800 LoH overall on your monk is recommended!
of course attack speed is valuable, since the more attacks you get in, the more health you can regen.
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LoH works better than Life Steal until theoretically monks get into the 100k dps range or somewhere around there (I forget the actual numbers.) This is why LoH is the preferred stat right now as current gear won't even allow us to reach dps numbers that high. Attack speed is good currently because it allows you hit the enemy more times in a second for better healing.

Say for instance you have 1000 LoH on a weapon that only does 1 attack per second. That number looks good at first until you realise you only have 1k self heal per second. Now if you have a weapon that only does 500 LoH but after attack speed modifiers you hit 3 times per second then you are healing for 1.5k per second.

Blizz is going to nerf attack speed though in some fashion which they havent decided or haven't told us about so be warry of spending everything you have because of great attack speed items at the moment.
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DPS and attack rate are all that really matter.

Get a high dps, fast weapon. You can get your life on hit from amulets and rings for a whole lot cheaper.
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Life Steal is useless once you get to Inferno, because its effect drops every difficulty level. I forget the exact numbers, but it's not worth it. Attack speed + LoH are your best bet (of course DPS primarily too).
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lifesteal is 20% in inferno....basically totally worthless unless you have an a multitarget ability that gets a reduced benefit from lifesteal....and do insane damage (3% would really be .006%....you'd have to do 100000 dmg to 1 target to get 400 hps, or ????? damage with even further reduced lifesteal benefits to multiple targets)
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