Diablo® III

one random funny Ideal's, Diablo split person

So my ideal, Diablo has all seven prim evils inside him now, and maybe lira (I might have misspelled her name) so what if he got a super bad and vary funny case of split personality.
I can just see this, so Diablo wins the entrant conflict and two months later he will be like "I diablo have destroyed all"..'Im hungry, some one get me a freak en candy bar" "no I hate candy bars".."shut up mehphito you hate everything"..."I love candy bars...or do I mahaha"
" (smash) ahah you are destroyed infernal tablet".."dam it Baal that was like the 6th frippen ipad this you ruined this week"
....." To hell with all of you, you stole my body made me stop wearing pants, made me gain like, two hounded pounds and you all suck"..."Silence the lord of terror will not be late for his six o'clock apparent,... agin,"
His minions will be like, "I think that this whole prime evil thing might have been a mistake."
In the back round, image Diablo aging to with him self making funny hand mothions, weal Baal gets control of the right leg and ,destroys, a small bug "mahahah you will be destroyed tiny insect mahmahmah" liar will be at the same time, punching her self in the face ," arg stop that".."all see you in hell oh wait....dam it."
sorry for my horrible grammar and spelling.
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You, sir, made my day! +1 xD
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I think you meant Leah
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ya I did
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can u make another this one... i choked. all over keyboard had to get new one. from laughing!!!
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I think i just lost some vital brain cells reading that.
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