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RMAH ban?

So I'm confused...

I came home last night to find my account is banned from the RMAH. This is all I've done:

1. Sold a few items and had the money in my Battle.net Balance.
2. Bought a couple items with my balance.
3. Changed my mobile authenticator (Got a new phone)

So during one of those steps, I was banned. I've done nothing. Anyone able to explain? I've submitted a ticket but I want to see if anyone else has been hit by this.
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Can anyone tell me how to do?I've submitted a ticket.I use their own dollars to buy a 15.04 of the wrist, after the payment is not received the goods and system refund. Rescinded after locking my account. Request the help of an administrator!TICKET No: US27933477Help in Battle net dollars to buy equipment for 82USD, purchasing things have to lock my account. Some can not be justified as a buyer! That who dares to buy things, buy things on lock account.TAG: WalenWin # 1627Management to help me to ask, given a reasonable explanation.If the system is flawed as a player who loves Diablo 3, or error to my account is locked, please give a reasonable explanation!Thanks a lots

The system may be imperfect! But if doubt RMAH transaction:Source of fundingEquipment sourcesOr lead to system errorsAnd many other issuesYou can lock the cash and gold coins auction, ban account the role and to any transaction. But can not but play the game!From the player or the system can have a buffering time. Than lock the account to the friendly.If identified use BUG damage to other players in the behavior, and then lock the accounts no later than ah.If the lock not to play the game, this punishment is too serious!Upstairs is a failure of the customer service business case. Therefore lead to lose a lot of players. We all know, not playing! This is one of the highest level of punishment.
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I too was just banned for unknown reasons i was just a seller on the RMAH.Im confused why i would be banned for 9,000 days for being a honest player. Now on hold for 40 min
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i have been on hold for 34 mins =(....
I got banned for purchasing items on RMAH as well.., this is the 2nd time i am having this problem, i purchased 4 items which required review, 3 got through, and 1 didnt! then instantly my account got locked....

I am nvr going to use the RMAH again..not until they fix this issue.....

but on the bright side.. at least the customer support are being very nice about it...
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Let's post our issues together so that blizzard will notice this.
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I went into the RMAH and listed 10 items for 2.50 t0 3.00 each then started playing my game and all of the sudden got booted off completely and got an email that said my account was locked due to an auction house related issue. Thats all it said. So now I can't play at all and I didn't do anything wrong I've been selling crap in the RMAH for months the exact same way and now Im locked out with really no reason at all. I put a support ticket in so we will see what they say about this crap.
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