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One hand, Dual wield or Two handed?

I just turned level 60 and I still have no idea what to use. Two handed does the most damage but the AS is incredibly slow. Dual Wield has crazy fast attack speed but doesnt do as much damage. A shield gives me nice defence but it doesnt seem needed right now. Will i need that for inferno?

Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated
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Shield will definitely give you the most survivability throughout Inferno. If you find that you're doing really well, you can try switching it out for dual-wield or a high DPS 2h, but most people prefer a shield for Inferno.
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I really wish AH would show how much dmg i am about to lose by buying a shield for my off hand. That is prolly my biggest concern, that ill spend my gold on a shield and my dps will drop a ton.
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My offhand was a 787 fist, with no Dex on it, just IAS. I put on a shield with 168 dex and lost 40 dps, gained 50 resist and 1020 armor +19% block. Amazing difference. I wish I could go back to dual wield as it feels more right for a monk, but the survival is key at this point in my gear level.
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Depending on how your shield is itemized you may not lose as much dps as you think. With my offhand weapon equipped my dps actually goes down slightly, compared to having my shield equipped.

-> My offhand weapon is an 800 dps, Socketted blue fist. 1.4 APS (Gemmed for LoH)
-> My shield new shield has a bit of Dex on it, as well as Block and Life %.

My only drawback is that I've dropped all LoH by doing this. However I've got some health per second items + MoH. Armor is giving me about 72% mitigation, 36% dodge and about 450 Resists with OWE.

Depending on the dps drop, having your EHP go up by using a shield isn't a bad trade off. You can take more of a beating so if you need an extra second to kill something, you should also be able to mitigate more of the damage.

You'd also be surprised at what can be blocked and dodged.
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I think i decided on 1 handed and shield. What should i look for on my wep/shield. Just raw damage and IAS for wep and dex/block/resists on shield right?
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