Diablo® III

Monks Your FLAWS have been revealed!!

Unless people haven't noticed it but..

Dashing strike positions you at the back of your target after it's animation.

Though that same animation is the problem, it creates a delay ;)

Though really, I like some innate Spirit regen >_>
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Never played WoW, didn't have to.

You could "spam-heal" with any healing mantra until they nerfed it.

In fact, could get by with that as your only source of HP. Could that have been enough to get you through ALL of Inferno? No idea, I only got half way through Act 1 before they changed it.

I'm not surprised people are still trying to play like that.

EDIT: Just occurred to me you could still rig some sort of spam-heal with transcendence. Not a plausible, but a possible strategy.

You still can if you use Transcendence and Life per Spirit Spent gear. The mantra is probably the best place to dump spirit if you're using LPSS since it's a good solid chunk of HP and you get the 3 second bonus out of it.
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Maybe a Monk also could regain spirit of x amount when performing a successful dodge?

Or having a passive spirit-regeneration of 0.5 spirit / second regardless of passives/skills.
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monk is pretty OP .people who think otherwise are bad or try to rush act 2/3 with bad gear
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I've noticed something since hitting the inferno act 2 wall. The more spirit regen and life per spirit spent I get on my gear, the more fun I have. I think the monk only stats are underrated. Between gear and my mantra I have 8 spirit per second and nearly 100 life per spirit spent. I find this way more enjoyable because the pace of the game accelerates (should probably mention that I gave up about 5k hp when doing this gearing).
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there one thing i wonder since the start of d3, why is the DH can regen hatred by firing in the air(in nothing) while the monk needs to hit a enemy, its kinda of a double standar here. i mean if th demon hunted can get pissed (gaining hatred) while firing at nothing, why can the monk gain inner peace (spirit) by doing kata (hit the air, nothing)?
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