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WD Looking for advice for Inferno, Act 2.

Act 1 isn't much of a problem at all for me anymore, but Act 2....

...Anyway, I was wondering about stats for progression into Act 2, like what should my health be, some say I have to much and need to get more DPS. I currently have 33k health, 19.6k DPS and about 55-57% in my resists(forgot the actual numbers).

Thanks in advance.
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I have 41k dmg 22k health and low resists, also stuck in Act 2 :-D
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Probably at least:

30k health
27.5k dps (this is around the minimum needed to beat belial, any less than this and you won't be able to push him to phase 3)
300 to all resists
3k armor

Then just grind and suicide your way through to get to act 3.
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I'm currently stuck in act 4 Inferno.

Act 2 I have on farm mode with these stats:

35k HP
40k DPS
600 Resist
3100 Armor

I could probably farm act 2 with much less stats, but that's my WD as of now.

My BEST advise for act 2 is to just learn the enemy types and how to read their actions so you can react/dodge their attacks. This is the first thing I did when I saw them 1 shotting me.

Also having a good all-around build with good CC, a decent single atk spell (Splinters or Leaping Spiders is good), a decent AOE spell (Locust Swarm Mana rune or Firebomb Flash rune), and no mana problems.

Good luck!
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Got into A2 last week and was getting beat to death.. Literally died every time from the wasps/lacuni/anything lol. Almost gave up.


26k HP
26k DPS
1.8 APS
2.2k Armor
200-250 resist all
5% crit hit
50% crit damage

Spent 300k at the AH, aiming for resist, ias and crit.

Current stats:

26k HP
26k DPS
2.1 APS
2.2k Armor
382 Lowest resist, 480 highest resist.
16% crit hit
125% crit damage

I cruised through the first 6 quests. Now I'm on to Kule and those damn snakes suck... and they're hard as asdvkjsadbv!!!! Damn invisible till they hit you at least once. I've learned that when I hear the rattle... I need to use my spirit walk right away lol. Here's my build as well.

It's a little cookie cutter with a couple exceptions... I love free casting frogs and unlimited fetishes. You just need to learn how to let mobs walk into your thousands of frogs that crit for over 50k a pop sometimes. Not to mention splinters for the guys you wanna focus on.


Love my build. I do die. But this is the most fun I've had with the Witch Doctor since pets.
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Quit WD sucks roll a DH we're a poor mans wizard we're a broken class we're the worst just quit it Manas broken my arm hurts I want a cookie
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@MASTODON It's funny how you can go from so blatantly opposing people, without much consideration that they may have a point, in one thread, to being so sour in the other.

I agree our class isn't incredibly broken as some say, but wow.

@OP Your dps is far too low, what kind of weapon you rolling with? Wouldn't mind the stats on that.
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Nice name. I started the thread because I thought I had something worth saying, and solid evidence behind it. I still have those things. I'm sour because no one is listening to me, I am being drowned out by the hundred people that don't know how to manage their mana and blame the class for it.

17 Mana returning skills! 3 Equipment slots for mana augmentation!

I love my WD ya'll but as sarcastic as my post was, it is really all true, says everyone.
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Its a CN 657 dps, saving gold to buy something better atm, as I spent almost 1.3mil. on other gear for res., I would have bought a better weapon at the time, but when I was shopping I couldn't find much of a weapon upgrade around my 1mil. gold I had :(
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Im a barb myself but my buddy i play with is having problems in inf act 2 as well... Im barb in act3 inferno... so if i can do it he should be able to as well but he dies constantly while im trying to progress him through act2, I have been messing with the skill calculator and came up with this.


Seems to be infinite mana, good mobility, long range on the bats w aoe, and a lil bit of cc as well.. What do you guys think?
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