Diablo® III

Deadly Reach + LtK w/Hand Of Ytar

Hey everybody,

I'm lvl 53, just started Hell-- about halfway through act I. I'm finding some elite packs that I'm still dying a ton on, which is fine-- it's fun-- but I've been using the following build:


but I really miss the knockback/stun from LtK as it seems that there is no way for me to crowd control aside from running and letting them whack my air ally.

That said-- has anybody tried combining Deadly Reach with the Hand of Ytar rune on Lashing Tail Kick? The way I view it: Lashing Tail Kick an elite or group of elites from a distance, then whack at them with Deadly Reach until they get close, run, do again until dead.

I really can't see myself playing without LtK and either the stun rune or the enhanced knockback, but maybe I am just playing the wrong way. I want to start playing now how I will need to play once I reach inferno so I don't have to learn a new build once I reach 60.

Thanks guys.

Also: PS to anybody trying to find sweet weapons... I was able to get two 450 DPS one handers off the AH for 50k apiece with the -10 levels attribute so that they can be used at lvl 50, and I think this is often an overlooked way to get awesome DPS while going from 50-60. I see these lasting me to 60.
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Has anybody ever even tried Hand of Ytar?
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Sorry but.. I didn't have any problems with Hell.. I did die here and there but I didn't get to the point that I have to kite.

And no, I didn't farm, I actually rushed from Normal to Inferno, rushed to the point that I got stuff I can't wear due to level reqs ;)

Anyways.. YtarLTK.. I used that for Maghda Inferno fight together with Water Ally, Circular Breathing of MoH and Chant.. kited for <10mins :D

Also.. 50k Buyouts.. Those are really useful.
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Cool. I'm not really having problems at all and blazing through. The only group I couldn't stand in without kiting so far is the Yellow Elite Rage Beast (when you get the Staff of Kazhra about half way through act I) with minions and arcane and fast that charge you and knock you back. Which got me thinking about alternate builds.

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