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How many days does it take to load balance?

i loaded balance to battle.net through paypal 3days ago 6/12 11AM pst and it is still in queued. did anyone else wait that long or waited longer?
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Thought it was 3 days. But here's what I got from the reply


My name is Ryan, and I am an Account and Technical Services representative. I do apologize for the long wait time - we are working as fast as possible around the clock to get it down.

Unfortunately Battle.net Balance orders can take up to 3-5 days to fully process. Please see below for the excerpt from our support article.

Note: To ensure the security of every Battle.net Balance funds purchase, you may experience a delay before your Battle.net Balance becomes available for use. Credit card purchases may take up to 3-5 days to process.


From what I can see your order is still queued pending review by our auditing team, and I am really sorry about the inconvenience. I do however, hope you have a great day.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reply to this ticket. If you would rather speak with someone directly, please contact Account & Technical Services. Our contact information can be found at http://battle.net/support/article/contact.

Ryan T.
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment
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Too bad when I got the email it said, "The balance you are adding may not be ready to use immediately, because most payment methods are subject to a mandatory review period of up to 3 days" Meaning LESS than three days. Now they have sneakily changed (like a lot of things in this game so far) the expected wait. Good for you blizzard, you got people to buy your fake money, but wait so long to give it to them that the items they wanted have doubled (tripled?) in value and they have only to add more of your fake money to their accounts. What a marketing plan.
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Sucks :(
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I love how he says, "I do however, hope you have a great day". LMAO! Yah, have a great day waiting for your money. What a douche.
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this is ridiculous you have to wait for your money this long... i buy anything else with my credit card i get it that day why the !@#$ is there a wait period i mean how much are people putting in there accounts 100 bucks? we have to wait 3 - 5 days for 20 -100 dollars to be loaded on to your account its the most inconvenient way to pay i have ever experienced.. something has to change with this it shouldnt take more then 24 hours to review something
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I don't work for Blizzard but I can share what we have picked up over the years. Merchants have two options - give you the item/service at the time initial authorization is granted or wait until funds are actually received. For some transactions Blizzard opts for the later.

Why does it take 72 hours? Because that is how long some banks take to send the money to Blizzard. As per regulations the bank has up to 72 hours to transfer funds for credit transactions. Debit may be different. The bank will take the money from your account immediately however they do not transfer it right away. You may even see your transaction listed as "pending" on your bank statement. They eventually transfer it to the merchant and the merchant's system accepts it. Some banks are faster than others about this.

Why does Blizzard wait until they have the money instead of just when the card is first authorized? For legal reasons really. It was not always this way, but due to the amount of fraudulent charges they ended up having to change it. I suspect the lawyers were involved. The gaming industry has a large amount of hacking and fraud associated with it and one of the things hackers do is use stolen credit cards for account transactions and services. To lower fraud rates Blizzard now waits until they have the funds for some transactions. This not only applies to battle.net balance, but to digital game purchases too - that is why social restrictions are not lifted from new purchases/upgrades until the transaction is done. Hackers were using stolen credit cards to create accounts and then spamming trade with gold messages :/ Now they are forced to either pay or use hacked accounts.

tl'dr Blame the gold sellers, hackers, and banking regulations.
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Why would it be that way just for them tho ?? I can add money to steam in 3 seconds and 100000 other places as well...

Get your act together Blizz.
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I dunno, this is !@#$e. You can buy the entire game and expansion pack, for 70 bucks, and it starts downloading instantly, and with little to no wait time (depending on your ISP and download rate) start playing in less than half an hour. Go to add 25 bucks to your balance? Oh NO...thats gonna take a week. What the %^-*? You mean I can buy your game and download it instantly, and it gets charged, authorized and initiated instantly.. but go to add 25 dollars and I have to wait a week for it? On top of that 25 bucks being extracted from my bank account, so I am out the 25 bucks and cant even use the service I bought with it for a whole week..seems to me that if you can take my 70 bucks instantly and let me play instantly, why the hell do I have to wait for a 25 dollar purchase?
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If you opted to use Bnet balance then you have to abide by the rules for it. It can result in significant delays in service. They cover it in the support and FAQ articles about it. I am very sorry if you selected the wrong one :(
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