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Major Rubber-banding with WW/Sprint?

Is anyone else experiencing a ridiculously unacceptable amount of Rubber-banding using the WW/Sprint spec? If I run both Locks, shadow realm, Khuul and Belial, no exageration, I will be rubber-banded 40-50 times. My connection is more than adequate (30mb/s), my ping is usually between 90-120, all the proper ports are open on my router, and even though my machine can run this game on max settings, I've tried setting everything to low/off and it does nothing.

Does anyone else experience this? It only seems to happen with ludicrous frequency when using th WW/sprint spec, I'm assuming because WW allows you to move through mobs and consumes fury, so Client/server latency can cause issues. Its absolutely game-breaking. It !@#$s up my fury generation, my positioning, my WW/sprint rotation - if I wasn't so overgeared, I'd probably be dying a %^-*-ton. Its utterly unacceptable.

Note: If your advice is to use another spec, don't bother posting - WW/sprint works beautifully for me, when the server isn't rubber-banding me around 5 times a fight.
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Servers are just bumpy sometimes. I notice it more with sprint/ww spec as well, but that's most likely because other specs you're just sitting there so you're not effected by it as much. It's really obvious when you're sprinting though and you get rubber banded back 30 yards. I don't believe it's anything to do with the build, just !@#$ty service sometimes.
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"A bit bumpy at times" is a major under-statement for what I'm experiencing. Its ever-present, and slows down my runs considerably. Blizz is getting its 1 dollar per RMA now (which they really needed, seeing as they're such a small, broke company), where are our properly functioning servers?
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BUMP! I get this a lot too please fix it Blizzard.
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We got a more serious problem on getting DC from game for using WhirlWind and Blizzard dont even seem to be bothered
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Bump... this is beyond ridiculous. I've stopped playing the game due to this issue. I cannot complete a run without getting bounced back into a group of mobs when using sprint/WW. And since most of those build require damage to be dealt to stay alive I die more often than not. I just see my life draining and to my eyes it looks like I am WWing a huge group.. when in actuality I am not moving at all. Hence, death for a build that relies on damage and LS to live.

I think I will wait another month and try to log in once more and see if this pile of turds they are pawning off as a game has had some attention from the development team. I would play Heathstone but getting a beta invite is like winning the lottery.

#ready to uninstall D3
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Yeah it's pretty bad. I love spinning, seeing no damage being inflicted on enemies, yet my health is draining. Then when it finally catches up, I'm dead and in a trash pack like 100 feet from where I was. It's especially annoying with you just popped Wrath and are fighting an elite pack only to rubber-band and die.
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