06/16/2012 10:24 AMPosted by seth
I don't know why people believe inferno is not hard...

It's not that it's not "hard", I think. I think it more has to do with the fact that it's unreasonable. Like there are combinations that the elites get that are not hard in that they're unbeatable.

Invulnerable minions/shielding/jailer/arcane enchanted. You have to beat that guy, who has minions that can't die, while he's shielding 50% of the time, while dodging his lasers and avoiding those minions, which you can't do because you can't move because you're jailed. Oh, by the way if you can't kill him fast enough he'll get his enrage timer and you get to start over.

It's like saying "okay, so the way to beat this guy is like this. And now you can't do that anymore."

There's no skill that can help you, there's no "if I only try harder". There is simply "it won't happen". I believe that's what most people are referring to- it's a case of horrible game design, not a case of "it's too hard".

I LOVE hard games. But this is not a hard game. This is a game where you run around a 15% (not a real statistic, estimate) chance of not being able to progress and needing to start over.
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