Diablo® III

Positive feedback from ANZ.

Just stick to getting them to fix the netcode thanks.
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Looking forward to more content. 1.03 has made my monk play alot better, i die alot less and farming has become less graveyard zerg orientated
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I like treasure gobbies!

The cinematics, general artwork and voice overs were incredibly well done so massive kudos to those departments.

Latency is stable most of the time, it'd be better if we had our own servers located here ;)
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06/19/2012 10:52 PMPosted by ManBearTank
Wonder why this isn't filling up like those ANZ lag threads?

Some posts are being deleted because they are not responding to the OP's discussion topic.

So let me rephrase my deleted post.

Were I able to play as intended with reasonable latency I believe that Diablo 3 would be an excellent game worthy of many hours of attention.
-Great art direction
-Easy grouping and social connecting
-Enjoyable Ambiance and feeling of power and progression
As it is I am unable to enjoy the game as intended because Blizzard does not support AUS/NZ gamers.
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Here's my positive feedback: The game wasn't horribly laggy during the first 2 weeks.
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Arc you are a fantastic CM no doubt about that. But d3 is a major let down. For now it is uninstalled but I will surely come back later in a couple of months when its fixed or ill wait until an expansion is released.

Keep up the good work tho! Show the other CM's how to roll :P
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Positive feedback is not really needed from the player base. You will know if you're doing a good job when the player base will provide positive feedback without you asking for it.

The only thing that you should be asking for is negative feedback so you can rectify those problems.

Lag is slightly better though.
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I've around 200 hours into this game which is more than it took me to unlock every steam achievement for Skyrim (my last favourite game) I love D3.

I play mainly 2 Barbarians. 1 softcore hes up to first part of act 2 inferno which i cant do for the life of me so hes on hold and a 48 hardcore barb I play duo with my brother 48 WD.

I actually don't have an issue with lag here in Melbourne AUS, which is odd looking at some of the posts here because i play via tethered 3G iphone through telstra (usually around 260 ping mark, I live near a tower though so always got good signal). I have noticed rubber banding a lot tonight though since i patched it to 1.0.3.

I love the sound in this game it is awesome and epic through my Logitech G35 7.1 headset. Everything sounds so epic as Barb

Whilst I know a lot of people dislike the art style, I love the art direction, some of the areas look like they are a painting and I think its great. GW2 is another in that hand drawn look I love this in games of late, keep it up.

I love identifying rares, even if the end result isn't all that great.

I love a lot of the random village chatter in act 1 even though some of it cheesy :)

Tyrael's cinematic at the end of act 1 was one of the best I think I've ever seen in a video game. You guys really do cinematics well. I still get goose bumps thinking back to D2 cinematics and the use of transitional music in the vanilla WoW opening cinematic and these in D3 have a similar effect on me.

I loved nightmare to hell runthrough's with new characters. Wont talk about Normal and inferno :D

Oh and I love you killed off Deckard Cain :D
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Here's my 2cents Arcagnion :-)

I've sunk at least 150 hours plus into this game, i love it. Seriously love it! so for my $199 NZ it works out at about $1.33 an hour which has got to be good by anyones standards! Im sure before long i'll get it below the $1 per hour mark.

I've a lvl 60 DH - Act 1 Inferno, bit stuck but im sure once i get a couple of friends in that can tank at the front i'll be fine! I even manged to score a Windforce from the AH for about 700,000 Gold.

A lvl 35 Wiz, and a level 28 Barb. I think the barb is great fun and very satisfying to play, i found myself thinking "Casper Smash" (as if i was the hulk) while i was playing

I actually like the AH, i dont seem to have much luck finding amazing stuff, but knowing i can sell my not so great stuff for 10-15k helps keep my gold reserve high, though i have no idea how people are sitting on millions of gold as it took me about 4 days just to save for the windforce pot-hunting in hell! I tend to float around 100k which im happy with.

RMAH isnt for me, but but hey, each to their own!

I think the game-play is great, feels like a much smoother/crisper version of D2 which i loved, the graphics are great. I like the Skills and not having to worry about weather to put a point here, or there and ruining my entire build.

My utmost amazement is with Blizzards Cinimatics. Holy sh*t you guys know what you're doing there. Imperious vs Tyreal astounded me. I bought the CE so have had the pleasure of watching Imperious vs Tyreal and Imperious vs Diablo over and over again of 50" of Plasma.
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I like the AH too, I actually like the game a lot!

I have a lvl 60 wizzard, 53 barb and 13 HC dh I dont play alot of my HC char due to lag and rubberbanding and I only play when my international friend is on with his HC barb to tank a bit cause he is in USA and gets 90ms opposed to my 220-3k ms....It has been sitting around 240-400 the past week which is better but still not great. I didnt play much last week due to lag and the lag spike up to 3k were horrific but the patch seems to have fixed the latency but not so much the rubberbanding.

All and all I am happy with the game :) I have clocked up over 120 hrs and have made some online friends so I have fun getting on with them to go and kill some monsters :)

Would really love to be able to farm gold without having to spend 2/3 of it on repairs...I think blizzard secretly just want people to just go and buy the stuff from RMAH instead of farming cause they will save time lol

Anyway I am happy with game and I am happy a blue finally payed us some attention we were all feeling a bit lonely for a while there.
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I'm loving Diablo 3 so so much, no lag what so ever, gameplay is fantastic, enjoying it a lot. Really good work, looking foward to a DLC/expansion at some stage maybe :D
Playing Diablo 3 on one screen and Diablo 2 on another is much fun.
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Posted by Arcagnion
No way, we grind out gear like everyone else- and I like it that way! It would be way too boring playing with the best gear if you didn't earn it.

I have a question for them, have they tried recently to do this with a brand new account, no cash no weapons no RMAH just farming and using the AH all the way up to the start of inferno since the new patch?

I ask this cause the inflation is so great on the AH(not the RMAH), that 3 weeks ago i could had bought the Legendary Sages Wisdom Set plans for 8mil, about 2 weeks ago its was at 12.7 and about another week ago its average was at 24mil, and presently its at 41 million at the AH average, and its well above the average of 41mil

The Helm of Command , and quite a few others are the same, going up so fast the money i save is not fast enough to ever buy them, so glad i bought the Demon's Carapace plan when i did even though you need several million to get decietnt gear its not worth buying, sages plan is the same it easier to just buy it. But that is not addressing the isssue of inflation for any new comers to the community on how they will survive
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