Diablo® III

Graphics lag on Rakkis Crossing

On this bridge and no where else, I will get severe graphics lag.

Turned down/off everything in the graphics options, still happens. Turned everything all the way up, still happening.

Only on this bridge.

Computer specs:

Intel i5-2400@3.10 Ghz
8 Gb installed memory
Windows 7 64 bit
Diablo 3 installed on SSD@550Mb/s read/write
NVidia GeForce GTX 560 - not overclocked

No over heating issues, everything else runs fine. But while on this bridge, I feel as though I am using an underpowered system that is getting severe graphics stuttering, tearing, and graphics lag issues. This is not a one time occurrance, it happens each and every time I walk over this bridge and, if I fight anything, it gets worse. i have had to stop doing SB runs due to this.

Issue was not happening before last patch.
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Yep. Southwestern stairwell before the Edge of the Abyss. FPS drops to 1-2 from 60. My computer is far beyond necessary specs and I can fight 30 enemies on screen at a time with no lag. But anywhere from 1-3 enemies in this small area of the stairwell basically crashes my GPU.
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Hate to bump a dead thread, but this has been happening to me since the 1.0.5 patch and was never an issue before it. Hardware is well beyond what should be necessary to run it and everyone I play with has the same issue.
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as the previous posted said, i hate to bump this thread, but i'm having the exact same issues don't see a reason in creating a duplicate thread.

has there been a fix for this?
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seriously can blizzard at least acknowledge this a problem and maybe get a response? seems like this has been in-game since release.
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Yep still happening on the PTR and live
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