Diablo® III

What is an Item Worth?

What general rules apply to figure out what an item may be worth?

I am working on a spreadsheet of all item attributes their spreads and things and it got me thinking how I could easily figure out what an item is worth. I can't. More to the point I'm confused.

I set up a situation where I examine each of the attributes and how useful they are to me while I'm playing different professions. I assign them a value of 100% and attributes I'd like to have but don't really care 50%, and attributes I don't want to 0%.

I then scale the percent of my attribute vs the max for that item and times that by my weighted percent to get a scaled value. Add up the scaled values and see how that compares to an 'ideal' item. The higher the percentage the more "worth" the item has; however, this approach is very flawed as it will not account for what an item really is worth besides what market forces dictate.

So my question is, how can I determine what an item is worth without looking at the AH and using some statistics to backup my reasoning. Excluding what the Merchant has to say about the price.

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actually. the merchant does quite well in telling you how much its worth. though, it terms of practicality, thats iffy. if you have seen my spreadsheet for magic property by slot, it might help you make yours.

and, 'desirability' is subjective, and changes based on certain builds, even among the same class.

and with different classes that share stats, such as DH and Monk. Monks are willing to take single resists while DH would want to focus on all resist. both uses dex and vit, but sometimes monks want more vit. so a single piece is desirable, and not desirable.

i wouldnt say your idea for this sheet is useless.. but i think its so complicated.. that it wouldnt be practical. my 2c.
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I used a spreadsheet on here that was on Google docs as the base for mine, but it proved to be quite interesting after awhile how I felt about making it. The dynamics of it are hard to quantify and although I consider myself an expert at spreadsheets i need a better understanding on diablo 3 to really dive deep into what is good vs. what is bad.

As you said simply breaking it down to class wont work well and it may ave to be build centric but that itself violates price in a way. So I was looking for price guidance on what types of situations make some armor better over others.
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