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Wizard gear/build check please

Hello everyone. I hope you're all going well.

I just finished Nightmare and I would like that experienced players (wizards preferably) tell me if I'm enough ready to start Hell. I think I am since I had no big issues finishing Nightmare, but I want to make sur. Here's the details of my character:

Level 50
776 Intelligence
849 Vitality (23 607 HP)

1842 Armor (3039 buffed with energy armor)
1743.02 Damage (2305 buffed with Force weapon)
78 All resistance (I didn't upgrade it yet)

53096.86 EHP (without dodge)
59592.44 EHP (with dodge)
(except for melee which is between 80000-95000)

And here's my build:

I personally think I'm underleveled from 1 level, since the mobs are level 51 in Act1 Hell, but what about my stats? Do I need more hp, dps, armor? Maybe resistance (I couldn't find any all resistance item in the AH today so)?

Waiting for you answers!
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What you need depends on what you want to do? Survive or Die, That simply put

Resistance is your absolute Best friend on hardcore mode without it your as good as dead with every "Arcane Jailer Desecrate" might be a toss up of Abilities but they do come along when least expected, Hmm for survivability id change "Cold Blood" to "Galvanizing Ward"

Seems you split Vit and Int pretty well so you can dps and still take a hit or two but you have to realize how squishy you truly are even with Resistance due to you not getting the 30% less damage taken like Barbs and Monks so you should stack as much resistance as possible, Dodge as well goes hand in hand with surviving, Just stay out of tight spaces and when things get sketchy spam that teleport and blizzard to slow them down is all I can say.

Also forgot to Add Id Stack more Vit just incase you get caught and are forced to take a hit, it may save your Wizard
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Well like I said, I'm starting Hell and people told me to not really care about resistance until Hell. And I didn't feel I needed resistance honestly. But of course, I will start getting resistance.

I guess I could change FW to diamond skin, but illusions are tanking really well for now. I will try diamond skin and see how it goes. The thing is, I feel like 1700 DPS isn't high enough for Act1 hell (esp since I use blizz/venom) and until now, I didn't need to use diamond skins. So, guess I'll see depending on the difficulty.

It's hard to balance dodge with int/vit/resistance. How much dodge do you suggest I need to have?

And obviously I will keep stacking vitality :P.

Any other suggestions or opinions?
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I used for leveling this build.

I leveled on first try and still alive.

As sugested i dont like safe pasage on teleport and take wormhole instead. You can avoid any fight with wormhole if you think that there is a piossibility to die.

I cannot imagine not using diamond skin but probably it works ok with blizzard. I kinda prefer faster leveling but there is always danger with the speed.

I was able to go trought hell without any issue farmed the begining of act1 till lvl 60(begining till killing blacksmiths wife it takes 7-10 minutes and gives 200k-300k exp depends on level)). And after that hell was just easy. Made one stop before diablo AH shooping and it went ok. You can buy whole low lvl gear for like 200k and you are perfectly fine.
Leveling in act1 makes huge diference cause of for every level you get 1 more hp for every point of vitality to be exactly corect
hp = 36 + 4 × Level + (level - 25)× Vitality

Regarding dodge....
I dont like it.
As wizard you will never be able to stack high enought dodge to make it reliable source of avoidance. Its nice bonus on gear and thats all.
On hardcore as wizard you always die cause of burst dmg. So you need high mitigation and not be like "oh i didnt dodge that sux time to level new char...."

Everybody has his own style i respect it this are only my thoughts.

My eng sux i know it.......
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I don't think you need to be level 60 to go through Act2 and 3 lol. And it is difficult now to farm for experience, since Blizzard pretty much nerfed every experience spots.

The reason why I'm using teleport with illusions is, I can constantly have illusions tanking on the field for me. The cooldown is enough fast to switch between illusions and teleport illusions. I will try diamond skin again, but I'm wondering about my DPS if I decide to keep diamond skin (2300 DPS to 1750 DPS is pretty huge).

I forgot to talk about Galvanizing Ward. The reason I don't use this passive rune is because first, I never forget to put on my armor shield and second, it's not 310 regeneration/seconds that will make a huge difference in the fights. So I use cold blooded (since I use blizzard). It boosts my DPS a bit.

I would like to use AH more to find resistance/vitality and intelligence gear, but right now I have no money lol. So I'll have to farm for that. And anyway, when I looked ealier in the AH there was no resistance gear X.X.

I pretty much like my build honestly. I was more wondering about my gear/stats. I will definitly take a look to diamond skin vs force weapon thought.

More suggestions?
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With your build you kite the mobs so there isnt much to add. Your build isnt dependant on dps. Low dps = it takes more time to kill the mobs.

Dont worry so much about the dps. Every level you get there will be a better weapon for few gold on AH.

With your stats you should be ok. Make a stop on AH before Belial (and use diamond skin durign this fight)
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Should I then switch force weapon to diamond skin?
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Try it out.
You will see how it fell.
Elite packs are the danger. You can use diamond skin during CC efects on you like frozen or so...
Doesnt hurt.
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If you're worried don't start hell until your 60. That's what I did and it was quite easy with 48k HP, ~350 all res, 8.5k armor, and 10k dps.

06/15/2012 06:23 PMPosted by Chaosplay
78% All resistance
That seems really high for a lvl 50. You sure that's right?
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I meant 78 resistance for everything.

LOL ya, after thinking about that 78% is really high xD. My bad.

I have 78 resistance for every elements right now.
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776 Intelligence = 78resist.
Probably just without the % :)
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Chaosplay If you want to keep magic weapon for the dps go for it but you need diamond skill no matter what. It has to be in every progression Wiz build. Also I am a teleport fanboy but i must admit that nova>teleport. WIth your current stats you can do Act1 hell.
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