Diablo® III

Inferno Diablo down.

Managed to take down inferno diablo.

Normal build I use (not what I used to kill diablo):


65k dps
450-500 resist all
25k hp
2.4 atk/sec
825 life on hit

spiders swap to darts occasionally depending on what I'm fighting / if I'm grouping with anyone, grave injustice sometimes swaps to something else...

I swap my build around to often to say "this is what I use" but the above is the most efficient build I've used for what I would consider to be normal progression through inferno.

Note, I use horrify for the movement speed buff, in tight dungeons I often swap this out for wall of zombies with 60% movement reduction.

Overall thoughts:

Mana - Yes our signature spells use mana, this was rarely ever an issue for me.
Pets - Useless past act 1 inferno.
VOQ/Zombie Bear build - Very feasible, used a similar variation with my own spin on it to drop Isatsu.

1.0.3 - Well, I'm glad there are achievement dates, because after 1.0.3 an inferno diablo kill likely wont mean nearly as much to me.

Did it suck? Well hell yes it sucked, it wasn't pleasant progression, it was frustrating and I died A LOT.
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Mind sharing what build you used to kill diablo?
Im stuck at just killing iskatu w VQ bears.

54k dps clean
30k hp
2.4 a/s
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gg, now do it on Hardcore. :p
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This is build I used for diablo:

Good luck gents.

If you keep him haunted and keep fear buff up on yourself as often as possible its not to bad with +50% movement speed more than him, and if you have + movement speed boots that's a bonus and a nice little DOT while you kite / dart him down... he has an !@# load of HP the haunt really helped bust that down or the fight would have taken forever I think.

Hex is very useful in phase 2 - I had originally used big bad voodoo w/ atkspd& dmg but I found myself to stationary as I kept trying to get back into the radius.
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Well done
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Congrats, enviable kill.
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@ Valius

Well, zombie wall may not have been the best choice in this build, but the slow and wall help in phase 2. The real reason I put it in is because I had a suspicion, though completely unproven that he uses lightning less in phase 3 when the wall is up and he has to walk on it with slow. I threw it up next to him whenever it was up, I think he used the lightning less but then again I haven't proven it and it may just have been coincidence.

Jungle fortitude with my resists/hp made it so he would have to 2 hit me before vision quest would kick in which I thought was more valuable than any other passives I could fit into that build.

Phase 2 a bit higher dps and well placed grasp's / hex will really help you out.

Phase 3 lightning is pretty brutal. Stay away and make sure to keep either your spirit walk or fear speed boost available to get behind him / other side of him when it happens. Again I mentioned the zombie wall theory above as well in this phase.
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