Okay for anyone who doesn't already know, bliz made a long post in which one of the points was that they want to make attack speed not such a sought after stat on gear. I'm very concerned on how they are going to go about doing so. First of all because attack speed is very fun to have and it works so obviously well with certain builds and stats.

If they were to throw a soft cap where would it be around? If you have a dagger with base 1.5 attack speed and have rings, an amulet, and gloves that give 15% attack speed you'll be at 2.4 attacks per second. Is this their concern, or is the problem folks going after the legendary items that have attack speed in different gear slots?

What I'm afraid of is a straight up soft cap. In order to fix the supposed issue that attack speed is too sought after on rings/amulet/gloves then the soft cap will have to be so low that those legendary items probably would no longer be worth a damn. Also how would this effect abilities like Frenzy and Fists of Thunder?

One solution I believe mentioned in Bliz's post was to reduce the amount of attack speed found on items. Can they change the stats on all items that have previously dropped? If so my suggestion is to do that and up the base attack speed on all weapons to average out for how greatly they nerf the stat on rings/amulets/gloves. If they can't then only incorporating these types of changes into new items would be ridiculous. old rings/amulets/gloves would be OP and new weapons would combo with them. Then diablo would have to learn some new tricks and start terrorizing old tristram again.

If anyone's put some good thought into ideas about this subject that has not posted please do so, as I'm interested in finding a solution bliz is comfortable with that doesn't hurt the fun of having high attack speeds without making it the breaking point between breaking down a nice pair of gloves just because it doesn't have the stat.
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