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06/17/2012 03:11 PMPosted by Gurgi

But, what was the original Diablo story?

Diablo 1's story was basically "I heard Diablo is hiding under that church. I'm'a go get him."

Diablo 2's story was basically "I heard Diablo went that way. I'm'a go get him."

If you didn't like the story, then you have just missed the point.

If you don't know what their stories were I suggest you spend a few minutes and go look them up... It's kind of ironic to have someone suggest that disliking D3's story could only be the result of having "missed the point." in the same post as utterly missing the point of the first 2 games...

>An American Tale


As someone else noted Fievel Goes West was, while a fun kids' movie, not even remotely comparable to the original American Tale which was a phenomenally made film. I'd even call the sequel a bit trashy and insulting to the original work. In the original you have a allegorical story of Jewish flight from persecution in Eastern Europe and Russia during the 19th and early 20th century. It's a surprisingly dark work about prejudice, discrimination, identity, greed, family and assimilation.

Compare it to its sequel which was basically a silly Western that capitalized on the already popular characters of the previous film by inserting them into a completely new circumstance that feels almost entirely irrelevant and unrelated to the first movie. While I enjoyed the movie as a child, as an actual work of cinema and storytelling it's pretty awful when compared to the first film.

So actually I think it's quite appropriate that one of the writers of D3 is a guy who has a history, apparently, of writing sequels that remove all subtlety, sophistication, and meaning and replace them with cheap spectacle. The rest of his history looks like Saturday morning cartoons, which sounds about right for this game as well...

i love you
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owned so hard
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It's interesting looking at the writers now; the thing I found is that, while this game was rated M, the story didn't feel that way. I guess it makes sense now.

Also, I hope the Blizz team got our constructive feedback on the story, rather than just being closed-minded and saying "it was very good". Taking criticism is key to any good work, and it's the one area they seem to be closed-mouth about.

I felt bad when I made one of my friends get the game and we kept laughing at the dialogue and turn of events... well at least the gameplay was really good.
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I hated the D3 story. Sure the D2 story was linear, but it worked, and you felt attached to it. In D3 it's like reading the plot of a 2/10 comic book and dialogue of an 12 year old, the characters were forgettable and the story was non existent. Ambiance lacked in general, felt rushed, and the environment details rarely changed between acts (so much for randomization.)

Overall the whole plot, dialogue, voice acting, and artistry was lacking. I don't think it will change either. #1 selling game? Only because 80% of those purchases were by suckers like me who go it on launch day, and only shortly after to be left in dismay. I can guarantee the bulk has already quit.
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Let us be fair here. D2's story was so bare bones you could not screw it up. It was literally point A to point B, point B to point C. All chasing a single person and failing to catch him in time.

If you actually paid attention to the story telling, and not how you progressed through the story you'd see how stupid you sound right now. Not only this, but there were side mission that were optional that deviated from your quest. It made for interesting character development and a refreshing break from the main quest. like many have already expressed the story in Diablo 3 is literally "I need to do x then y then z before I can get to a.

I have never seen anyone so stubborn to accepting facts as you. Tyrael in Diablo II was not hollow either. He showed several different sides to him through out the story. When he fought the dark wanderer you saw a rigid zealot who was hell bent on stopping the forces of evil. When news reachs of Izual's defection he clearly has a disappointing tone. I even think he blames himself in his dialogue. By the time you get to face Diablo he is trusting of you and warns you that if you aren't prepared that you need to get prepared. In Diablo 3 it's I'm human because I trust them. From that point on he is basically an emo former angel that has no real insight for the player. He barely shows any emotion when Izual shows up and has very little dialogue for you at the end of the game. Again, the most interesting character is Kulle which gets old after your first encounter. By the time you reach his tomb you want him to just die.
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Seriously are you guys argung that D3's writing isn't complete !@#$?

Look at this from Diablo 1.

I can see what you see not—
Vision milky, then eyes rot.
When you turn, they will be gone,
Whispering their hidden song.
Then you see what cannot be—
Shadows move where light should be.
Out of darkness, out of mind,
Cast down into the Halls of the Blind.


THIS. I was going to say exactly this!

I've read so many people saying that "Diablo is all about loot, nobody cares about story."

Son, have you read the original Diablo manual? Did you read the lore there? It was GREAT. Forget about pulp, if you believe Diablo is pulp, you didn't pay attention to the previous games. It's gothic horror. It's a world where heroes will ultimately fail, where you fight the night just for now. Where, if you help the heroes, not only you will die, but you will serve me in death (Griswold)... for not even death can save you from me.

The thing about the stories in D & D2 is how minimalist they are. You can go the whole game without ever learning why you're fighting those monsters. But if you've been paying attention, the second you see Lachdanan, you know who the guy is. You know of his sacrifice. And you know that The Wanderer is fighting a battle within himself that he cannot win.

That, my dear heroes of Sanctuary, is good storytelling. The D3 crew had seven years to polish the story and what they gave us was the most predictable double-cross of modern times (Zoltan Khulle), the master tactician of hell telling you all about his plans and the Lord of Lies being the most obvious suspect.

Anyone remembers Quint, from Jaws? He was an expert shark hunter and he died stabbing the shark while being eaten. Turns out, his plan worked to kill the beast.
Cain, on the other hand (Sanctuary's greatest scholar, with more field experience than the actual hero we play)... just... died. Killed by the evil butterflies of the Power Rangers' villain.

All I hope is a good story on the expansion, and not some predictable happy-shiny quest á la "let's save Leah!"

Perhaps, JUST PERHAPS... can we get some good storytelling with choices and consequences like The Walking Dead's game?
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I blame Metzen. In my opinion the guy just doesn't have it anymore he lost me as a fan with his blundering of his Warcraft lore in the Burning Crusade, the over cliche story in Wrath of the Lich King, and now basically having Leah as the Diablo series equivalent of Kerrigan . I know it is not all his fault for a poor story, but he is the scapegoat in my mind of why the story was so bland and predictable.
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Does anyone know if the Diablo 3 guys consulted the original writers to see how the story might have gone?
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Well apparently your standards are low. I can't think of a story that I enjoyed that had such huge and obvious plot holes like D3 does.

Lord of the Rings. Why didn't they just fly the Eagles to Mordor? This is a well known, massive plot hole that pretty much destroys the entire plot.

It's not a plot hole, it's omitted in the movie because it was too lengthy to explain. Read the books. Also, it was a bit overused and misinterpreted. Gandalf had no power over the eagles.

Comparing D3 with D2 is a terrible idea. I will agree that on an objective level D2 is not that great at certain aspects but it had more story, more awesome characters that weren't killed randomly, more grimdark, more atmosphere / setting etc.

D3 should be LEAGUES better than D2 in every aspect because:
- D2 LoD was released 2001 and was patched for years - Blizzard should have MASSIVE experience in what players want and not release this garbage upon us
- it's a whole different generation with different capabilities and ideas; having the same !@#$ty quests as D2 is lazy work;
- because when you're as big as blizzard and people expect so much from you, you just don't release stuff like this; i'd be ashamed.
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dog !@#$ writing, glad we all agree
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01/29/2013 01:03 AMPosted by Picard
[quote="77081282427"]Does anyone know if the Diablo 3 guys consulted the original writers to see how the story might have gone?

I would love to hear what original writers wanted to make for D3 Story. How the destruction of Worldstone would impact Sanctuary, how they planned to bring back Diablo and his brothers, the overall plot of new game and how would they expanded on the universe (the creation of world, angels, demons etc). Does somebody have a contact with those guys? An interview with them would have been great ;)
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02/04/2013 06:57 AMPosted by Obnot
This lenoard dude made vampire the masqurade bloodlines is a very good game, besides that, everyone else is crap

Agreed; Bloodlines was quite good.
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06/18/2012 03:51 PMPosted by Melyria
Well apparently your standards are low. I can't think of a story that I enjoyed that had such huge and obvious plot holes like D3 does.

Lord of the Rings. Why didn't they just fly the Eagles to Mordor? This is a well known, massive plot hole that pretty much destroys the entire plot.

Did you seriously just brought that up? Are you one of those only watch the movies and assume they know the mastermind behind the story
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