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Movement speed cap? wtf?

With all the experience with previous games, it's a shame that we still get all these caps and nerfs AFTER the game is launched and said 'finished'. We already had to wait for like 10 years to get a follow up on D2! I'm just saying...
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Some people just dont read about the games they play. Imagine what else your missing out on!
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Oh well, I hope OP enjoys his amulet :)
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Reason why they capped it at 25 is because if they didnt, every single geared person would have 60% movespeed. If you can have ms on a slot, they would have to have ms in that slot. Same for pvp.

12 pants, 12 boots, 12 lacuni, 12 ring would all become mandatory purchases to be competitive.

Reason why theres plenty out there is to give a variety of choices in the way you can make your own way to 24%.

Best answer in this thread, hands down. That being said, I think it would be nice if the cap was just a bit higher, say 30% or even 36%. Make it so you can have 3 +12% items.

It also makes sense for balancing. Think about it, if any character could easily stack their Movement speed to 50%+, what would be the point of a class like say Demon Hunter, who has passive skills or Skill runes that increase movement speed. That is part of the class, the ability to quickly flee and take a new position. Now if they didn't have the movement cap, the DH skills that increase movement speed would be worthless, unless the DH got lots of MS items. So because other classes can get that much speed, for a DH to be competitive, they would need their build to have a HIGH base MS, just for those passive/skill runes to be worth using. Just like any other class with similar skills, that is a benefit and a part of being that class, if you choose to use those skills that is. It would actually take away from build diversity because to be competitive you would NEED to max your Movement speed.

It is annoying for sure, but it does make sense if you look at it from the right point of view.

You wasted $5, oh well, you will learn in life very quickly if you think it is a big deal to lose $5, a lot of other things in life are going to be a lot worse than they actually are.
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Sounds legit to be honest. Cap is 25% why is more needed? It sounds like you can actually raise it higher with abilities. Is it really a cap at that point? A wiz is known for CC, if it had 109% MS and CC that would be dumb. Now a DH is all about running so an extension on MS makes since. I guess Blizzard thinks DH shouldn't have CC of wiz making them too much. As in a wiz that has DH wheels. It makes since if I understand the info laid down on the thread. If that info is wrong then none ya know.... Anyways, DH is supposed to be fastest most evasive char with crazy DPS at the loss of tank worthy and epic CC skills. The idea is to make balanced chars but have classes be different in play. If all classes could run the same speed why stop there. Why not make me all do anything? Or just have one class... I wouldn't want that. Would you? Also there are enemies that have increased MS, if you could run three or four times faster then them what would the danger be? We're would your skills as a player be? The fun of the game "challenge" would no longer exist. I know you do play SC based on your RMAH purchase. Do you have a hard core char or have you tried it? I find that people start to understand what the Diablo game is when the start to play HC. To me Diablo is HC and SC if anything is practice. Kind of like a Diablo tutorial if you will. If you ever want to play let me know. Fluke#1770. I can help you out. HC is tuff and you die one time. The way the game is supposed to be. The idea of Diablo I think is to create good/competent players while forming team work skills along with awesome fighting scenerios in real time. Just fun fights. If the real issues is you desire to farm better then I don't understand why the whole game should change to suite you one desire of play. The idea is to play the game. I know grinding is the game but farming... There is a difference.
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This topic reminds me of a topic posted about the guy complaining about socketing a marquise gem to then find out the item is now account bound and unsocketing the gem cost 5mil. It's your own fault for not doing research before diving in the muddy water.

You learn from your mistakes OP and I hope you learn to research all you can before making your purchase. Do I go into Best Buy or any store that sells big screen TVs and immediately purchase the first TV I see? Nope, do your homework and you won't suffer with regret.

I actually made a similar mistake as well when the first game was released. I bought two severs from GAH thinking I could DH them and found out I was wrong. You learn and that's the only way you grow. Just don't blame Blizzard for your own mistake.
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lol @ the idiot who spent $5.00 real dollars on movement speed he cannot use.
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increase cap to at least 30-35%
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I think caps on anything are just limiting and stupid. Remove all the limits and let people move crazy fast if they want to. Putting awesome stats on gear is pointless if it is always capped. Even some weapons can't be equipped if another version of the same weapon is equipped.
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02/01/2014 08:27 AMPosted by Cra2yH0rse
I think caps on anything are just limiting and stupid. Remove all the limits and let people move crazy fast if they want to. Putting awesome stats on gear is pointless if it is always capped. Even some weapons can't be equipped if another version of the same weapon is equipped.

caps are necessary in some cases.
for instance.. if dodge just added up instead of being capped the way it is then you would be able to get 100% dodge and be pretty much untouchable. you could just stand there surrounded by mobs and never be hit. it would be completely OP.

same thing for crit chance. if it wasnt capped at 75% you would, again, be able to reach 100%. which would guarantee every hit to be a crit. that would be insanely OP especially when you think that some ppl out there have really high crit damage bonus.

in regards to movespeed. 25% gear cap is fine. the only issue with the gear cap that i see is blizzard and its determination on movespeed passives/skills. by this i mean that all your temp buffs that give movespeed allow you to go over the cap. the monk passive fleet footed also allows you to exceed the cap. however, they refuse to allow the DH passive (dh suppose to be the most mobile class even!) to exceed the movespeed cap.
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