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Recipe drops random?

So I have played for just over 100 hours on my main, hit 60 and just started Act 3 Inferno. I haven't gotten a single legendary or set item, pretty bummed.

However finally last week I got not 1 but 2 recipe drops, within 24 hours! Only problem, it was the same one. 4 attribute helm. Well it happens, how many recipes are there? You are gonna get dupes sometime. So today in 6 hours time I got 2 more recipes.... not just a recipe and a dupe again, no no. 2 more of the same 4 Attribute helm. So I've found it 4 times, out of how many recipes? Is there a trick, is it just a really really common one? I meant it sells for next to nothing a few thousand last I checked. I think iirc I got 3 of them in Act 1 and 1 in Act 2 of Inferno, is that the issue? Are the recipe drops tied to locations? Any thoughts?
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I know Act 3 drops Recipe for Legendary equipment such as Black Bone Arrows.
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Ok, so maybe it is all about what act I am in. I'll hope for the best then ty for the reply
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As far as I've seen act 1 drops only 4 attribute type items as well as act 2. Only thing I've seen drop in act 2 is flawless gem recipes which are pretty rare but usually a solid easy sell when they do drop. As far as legendary set recipes go for 60 items, I've only seen/heard of them dropping in 3+. Though with the new system in 1.0.3 who knows if that drop system will be extended to recipes as well.
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My friend just got the legendary blackbone arrow pattern in Inferno Act1.

I'm not sure how all of the %'s work in D3. Quite frankly it makes me dizzy reading all the posted information about what drops, where it drops, and how good of an item it is. I can only confirm I was there when the blackbone arrow pattern dropped in Inferno Act1.

He found it in the northern highlands with average magic find gear and 5 nephalem valor stacks.

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