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highest dps on follower?

Just wondering what some of the "GODLY" followers dps where. I havnt spent much on mine as I usually play with friends and dont use one as much. But did get templar up to around 1200 though I know it isnt much ive heard people getting theirs over 6k.
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my scoundrel has 2783 dps
my enchantress has 2200 dps roughly
and my templar has about 34% block with 1781 dps / 61k health
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85 Orc Warrior
on my barbs enchantress she has around 3800 damage on her profile i have her with a 1100 dps 2 handed axe tho bought for like 30k
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my scoundrel has about 5.5k damage, and my enchantress has like 4k, my templar has like 500 but he is still 59 and no gear except for junk heh
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Currently my scoundrel also has 5.5k dmg, but I made sure he had atleast 4% crit to make it a viable possibility, and he's at 48k hp which helps a lot. Tbh I probably spent too much on him >.<
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4.6k Enchantress and 4.9k Scoundrel. Could be higher but I sold their gear on the RMAH.
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my enchantress is at like 5k. Wasn't really expensive at all, just bought her blue INT/VIT rings and amulets a nice Focus and a beauty staff. probably cost around 500k total
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My barbs enchantress is at around 6.9k dps
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My enchantress does 4.8k dps, though her spell easily does 23k+. Currently in inferno act 1, and she's using a 1150~ dps staff that I found recently in act 1. It's not too shabby. She can one shot the sacrificed cultists that transforms with her spell.
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My enchantress has 75.5K HP and 4.8K DPS. She's a beast.
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how do u go over 5k for enchantress? i gave her a 1.3k staff and 200int amulet,100int rings x2 and 150int token,shes at 4.5k
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back in d2 mercenaries could hold there own i cant say i put alot into mine on d3 but i do what i can for them but still they dont realy kill anything just slow it down a bit
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Could you post the weapons and things you have her using?
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on diablofans there is a video of a enchantress with 8k dps
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i got my enchantress up to 5.3k recently, she has 1.8k int, a 1.1k damage sword that i got for cheap, and 10% crit chance with 88% crit damage...

aside from the times she will push mobs into me (troll follower lol), i find her very helpful
30k from her knockback really helps when mobs get nice and crowded lol
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85 Undead Priest
Got my Templar to 2350 dps, and 140k life. He is a beast, and tolerates no foolishness. Except about evil walking during the day. Hasn't figured that one out yet.
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My enchantress is at 6.8k
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My enchantress has 5.6k dps on her charsheet.

Of course, in practice it's higher.

This is just one more area where attack speed is worthless, since their real damage comes from skill usage.

I'm thinking I could probably get her to almost 10k eventually, but she'd be more geared than my char. hahah
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